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After preparing my smoking material from Cigarette Rolling Machine I have analyzed many things in me. Assumptions and perceptions to avoid in good times. Which forces you to think and imagine wrongfully. Which is often out of reality. I am thinking from my extreme. But there are possibilities that realities may not have the same way I think. Everyone is trying to enter into the phase of betterment. And my problem I am seeing my problem as I want to excel in all parts. Where there seems pleasures everywhere and you smile with some brightness on your face. Furthermore, there is not wrong in that. Everyone in this world struggles hard for this having these feelings. But if nature has bestowed a gift on someone then shall have a grateful behavior. In this situation some of the attributes you shall have in your mind. Most of the important among those are this. That you do not have to be disrespectful to anyone. 

Then what to do when pain rises?

It is not about feeling pain. It is about lacking in the art of ignoring. When you claim that you better understand the sensualities. Handling situations by knowing about the knowledge of emotions and acting according to those. Then why it becomes difficult for you when objects around you are forcing you for something. Or blaming for something where you feel you are not guilty at all. Furthermore, this is life. Not only are you wise enough in this world to understand the situations. Other people around you also have the strong power of analysis. They judge according to their mentality. Then why to give them that point, which will help them. To develop a point of view according to their thoughts. This process goes on. I really do agree the point comes where the talk of people sometimes really does not matter. But one of the ultimate truths is the power you want to achieve the love which you want to gain. All you will get with the help of your people’s opinion about you. 

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So, shall I measure each step?

You can not do it at all. If you start counting and measuring your each step to keep an eye on yourself. The time will come when you will be fed up. You will get tired by burdening yourself. With several thoughts about what that person thinks about you and what mistake you made. First of all, if we talk about every tom, dick and harry. Then I can say with such assurance that not everyone possesses that ability. Moreover if you open up yourself and start briefing your secrets. Which are your privacy and which shall hide in future also. Then, at that time you are actually committing a mistake. Solution to this specific problem is when these hard moments come. Show some patience for sometime and have a strong control on your emotions and thoughts and that specific hour. That is the need of the hour. Furthermore, with some time you will be in practice and nothing will be difficult for you. 

What to do when you find yourself losing?

Observe it. Watch the scenario. The analyses one can do of its own personality. It is one of the sweetest truths of life. Where you find a possibility to correct yourself. Without concerning any kind of tutor or coach. This is life winning and losing are the two important parts. But the thing from which we shall not lose our focus is our struggle. Continuity shall not stop but not without making corrections. These are the symptoms of a victorious personality. Not anyone is perfect in this world but where one accepts defeat. Then, it means not wishing for conquest. Move on with a hope of betterment. Moreover, if one knows then knowing is better and the power bearing is also important. Because the one who preaches good things. People first try to take it down. It is reality.

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Never show weaknesses:

Stay strong and present your opponent that you do not have any kind deficiency in you. Show your perfection in the same way. The way you presented after preparing from Cigarette Rolling Machine.

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