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In most homes around the world, kitchens play an important role as the main activity of making the food is done in the kitchen. Even dining at home is many times done in the kitchen as kitchen areas usually have a small dining space. Kitchens in the 21st century are very functional and can be beautifully designed based on the layout and the size of the kitchen. The interior design of a kitchen has to be done appropriately as it is one of the most personalized areas of the home. The kitchen layout is the shape of the kitchen interior design that includes all the key components of the kitchen. The following are some of the kitchen layouts that are popular with kitchen designers in Australia:

Kitchen Layouts Popular With Kitchen Designers in Australia

Galley Layout

There are many kitchens, especially in smaller apartments and homes, where the kitchen space is a long rectangular space where there are workspaces on both sides of the long sides of the rectangle. The platform, refrigerator, oven, cabinets, stove, and grill are all lined along the two walls opposite each other in rows which are galley style interior design and are popular with kitchen designers in Central Coast.

Pullman Kitchen Layout or One Wall Layout

A practical yet popular layout style is the one wall layout design for kitchens. In this, all the major appliances, and kitchen cabinets, sinks, and workspace are lined in a row alongside one wall of the kitchen. This is a good choice for a kitchenette and for the kitchen interior designs that provide a lot of open space in the kitchen.

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Horseshoe Layout or U Shaped Layout

A U-shaped kitchen is a very functional layout as there is a lot of workspace in this type of kitchen. As the name suggests, one wall of the square style kitchen is bare while the other three walls have appliances workspaces, platforms, and other kitchen furniture lined along with them in a U shape or a horseshoe shape. In the horseshoe concept of interior design, the kitchen designers in Central Coast, the kitchen tops, and appliances like refrigerators are lined in a continuous U-shape long the three walls without a break.

L-Shape Layout

A continuous countertop design for the kitchen in an L-shape alongside two connecting walls of the kitchen is the main basis of the L-shape design. Usually, this kitchen design layout includes the kitchen sink and the refrigerator that is placed at the end of the L-shape kitchen workspaces. The microwave, oven, grill, or gas stove spaces are all designed in such a way that they are part of the L-shape interior design.

Peninsula Layout

This is a stylish style of interior design which is very trendy with designers. Peninsula layout can be termed as a connected island layout design where one side of the layout is connected to a back wall and some counter-tops stretch out in the peninsula style. It offers dining options, as well as chairs, which can be placed along with the room divider countertops on either side within the kitchen.

Island Layout

One super trendy option to choose that many kitchen designers in Central Coast recommend is the island layout. This is a stylish yet functional layout for the kitchen where there are free-standing cabinets and kitchen countertops along the walls of the kitchen and an island countertop with or without a stove grill in the middle of the kitchen.

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The kitchen design has to be trendy, modern, beautiful but most importantly functional. A kitchen’s layout must be easy to use and there must be plenty of space for people to move in an out of kitchens as this is usually the most important and busiest area of many homes.

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