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You have been given an essay to write, but you fear that you do not know how to convey your points. You need a thesis statement, the pillar around which you will build your essay. Do you want to know how long is a thesis statement, or how to write a good one? This article will help you out.

Characteristics of a strong thesis statement

You should create a good thesis statement for your essay. You need to know “how long is a thesis statement in an essay” before you start writing. It should make a strong claim or argument that will have an impact and resonate with your readers. Here are some factors that will make your thesis statement strong;


Your thesis statement should appear at the beginning of your essay as the closing statement of your introduction. This is to let your readers know what the paper is about and the main issues you will be tackling.


Your thesis statement might mention multiple aspects of your topic. You should ensure that they are all tied to the same central idea for it to be complete. If your thesis contains numerous aspects, they should be evaluated in the essay.


This answers the question, “how long is a thesis statement?” Your thesis statement should be one statement. It depends on how many points you are trying to make. Make your thesis statement specific.

Instead of using many unnecessary words, go straight to the point. Only include what you will discuss in the paper and what you have evidence to support.

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Your thesis statement should be made up of two clauses that add up to 30 to 40 words. The first clause should be the independent clause which is the opinion. The second clause is the dependent clause which is the reason.


For your thesis statement to be strong, it needs to be arguable. This is mainly for a persuasive thesis. This means that it should not be something that everyone agrees with or deems true.

It should not be obvious. Make your thesis statement a claim that requires evidence, proof, and facts to support it.

Parts of a thesis statement

A good thesis statement consists of the following parts;

  • The main point of your paper
  • The reason why you chose and supported this point
  • A counterargument to your topic, this is not compulsory but is a good bonus if you have one

Once you have all three parts, you should organize and rewrite them to form one or two sentences. This way, you will avoid using too many words and show that you can answer the question; how long is a thesis statement?

How to choose a good thesis statement

Coming up with the most appropriate thesis statement for your term paper writing can be complicated. When you have not fully settled on a subject, you are bound to oscillate between ideas. You might discover that your essay changes course along the way, and your thesis statement is no longer valid.

It is essential to research and create an outline of your essay before you think about the thesis. Here are steps to follow to develop a good thesis statement;

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Determine the type of essay you are writing

The instructions will guide you whether to write an expository, narrative, argumentative or analytical paper. A thesis statement is written differently for each type of paper. You do not want to have an argumentative thesis in a narrative essay.

Brainstorm ideas

Find the point that stands out the most from the information you have gathered in your research. One that will best summarize all the other ideas you have for the paper. If it is not included them in your outline, create your own using the parts of a thesis.

Create a research question

Use your topic to create a research question that will cover it. This question will give you bearing on what your essay will be about. It should be based on what you want to discuss or find out.

Find an answer

For the question you created, try to develop the best answer to show your opinion, make a claim or start an argument. Give your answer after doing further research on the topic and question. The answer can be simple and brief to guide you in the research writing process in its initial stage.

Develop your answer

Narrow down the information you have collected. Your thesis statement should not be general information. You need to know why you chose the subject, why you chose that answer, and how you will convince your audience.

Your answer will continue to get more detailed and summarize your overall argument as you read more. Your goal is to make sure your thesis statement highlights the unique idea of your essay.

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Concluding statement

A thesis statement is considered the backbone of your essay. You need a strong thesis statement to have a good essay. You now have the answer on “how long is a thesis statement”. You can write your quality thesis statement and earn good grades.

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