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The first step for you to know before relocating across the country is that hiring a moving truck and driving it across several state lines is not a good idea. It often turns out to be the wrong choice due to high DIY moving costs and danger when moving long distances without expert assistance.

Moving long distances within the country can help your family feel safer, but your essential items will also be in good hands. We Move Anywhere is advising how to choose a long-distance mover company to assist your cross-country.

Which Moving Service is Exemplary?

It depends on your budget and needs; hiring full-service home movers means handling your moving checklist as much or as little as you like. Choose to pack all in your house and garage, simply fragile things, or any combination of services.

Professional movers St George Utah know how to transfer your furniture without injury, remove your beds, and rebuild them into your new house. When you are planning to pack your household property in a storage container, be sure to prepare your furnishings for storage in advance.

You can do it yourself, taking the lead on all elements of your move, including all packing, might help save money. In most cases, you’ll want to start packing your home well ahead of the actual move date.

Check for Reviews

Find several reputable review websites that contain reviews and ratings on the moving businesses you’ve on your list. You’ll find many websites for that purpose. Try reading as many evaluations about your selected firm as possible to avoid future scams.

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Usually, companies with dozens of 5-star reviews are unreliable as they may have purchased phony ratings. So, try checking for genuine reviews where customers frequently identify some minor business concerns.

Moving Etiquette

One of the most common queries when hiring a moving company is, “How much should I tip my movers?” Ultimately, tipping into any circumstances is up to you and solely reflecting your overall pleasure with the service you have gotten. That said, how much you tip movers might range from 5% to 20% wherever.

Get References

If you have selected a moving company, ask them to produce three existing client references. When they give you references, phone them all individually and ask as many questions as possible about their experience with the particular moving company. If moving businesses refuse to provide any reference, things could be suspicious; it’s advisable to avoid such a business and check for other possibilities.

Ask for Recommendation

It’s the easiest method to find the appropriate company for you. If you already have a positive experience with a moving company, it will save you time and unnecessary headaches. First, make a list of moving firms based on your friends and family circle’s advice, then start phoning each to ask and acquire an estimate. Therefore, finding a long-distance mover is easy when you get a recommendation.


It’s time to get estimates from the moving firms you’ve narrowed down your choices to. If a moving company does not provide you with an on-site quote, you should not engage them! Before making a decision, receive at least three in-person estimates. This way, you’ll have a lot of options to think about while making your ultimate decision.

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While you can choose the lowest bidder in the end, you shouldn’t do so before conducting a complete investigation on all of the moving firms you’re considering. Consider in another way, and money should never be the decisive factor in your decision, especially when you know some dishonest movers out there.

Finally, the above mentions are some of the essential tips you should know about the moving company for long-distance.



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