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Marble remains as a popular worktop material among many homeowners. The natural beauty of marble worktops has been drawing the attention of people for millennia. From how it’s quarried and cut into slabs to the aesthetics it adds to an interior, marble is truly exquisite than most artificial materials available in the market.

While marble worktops come in a variety of patterns and hues, the white marble often takes the cake. Speaking of white marble, the Italian Carrara marble worktop is one of the best quality natural stones. It is known for its dense surface that’s relatively non-porous, which makes this worktop material durable and even stain-resistant compared to low-grade marbles.

Tips to Consider When Buying Carrara Marble Worktop

Carrara is indeed the best marble worktop for adding a luxurious touch and classy vibe to any interior. However, it would help if you keep the following things in mind when buying this marble worktop.

1.  White marble is the best option

While many people think white marble is not the right choice due to marble’s porous surface, experts suggest sticking to white marble. It is because the marble surface can react to acidic substances due to the presence of calcium carbonate or magnesium carbonate within the material.

If any acidic liquid like lemon or vinegar touches its surface, marble can etch with a full and whitish mark. Since this whitish mark will be more visible on coloured marble, sticking to white Carrara marble is a great option.

2.  Consider how to bring different marble worktops together

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Every marble stone is slightly different. So, it is best to pick somewhat identical pieces of stone for your countertops. Selecting marble slabs is an art, as you need to have a clear understanding of how veins are going to be installed on a worktop. You need to carefully and creatively install the marble pieces so that they appear like a beautiful painting.

Also, consider how to bring different marble pieces together. A more extended slab is perfect for seamless appeal. But for smaller pieces, it’s ideal to book-match your marble countertop to ensure the adjacent parts have mirrored appearance.

3. Take veining patterns into account

Every quarried marble is different. However, you may even cut some marble blocks in two different ways for creating unique veining effect. For instance, a fleuri cut or cross cut can help you make a free floral pattern. Straito or vein-cut, on the other hand, is ideal for achieving striped and linear appearance.

4.  Consider different finishes to transform the look of marble

To make your Carrara marble appear extravagant and unique, you may look for different marble finishing. For instance, a river wash or leather brushed finish can help you create a striking orange peel-like effect.

However, the most popular finishes are glossy or honed. If you’re concerned about acidic etching, it’s best to pick a honed finish. Acidic etching can make a polished marble appear dull over time. But the honed finish is already dull and brilliantly conceals the etching effect on Carrara marble worktop.

5.  Consider edging profile of your marble countertop

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Apart from its natural aesthetics, there’s a significant reason why marble is historically famous as a sculpture material. Since it is a soft material, it’s easier to work with tools. With advanced computer numerical control milling devices, marble can be carved into any possible kitchen decoration design.

When it comes to edge profiles, there are so many to choose from. The simple and eased edge is one option for a straight 90-degree corner. However, the hard marble stone can chip if the 90-degree corner is hit by something hard. So, a curved edge profile like bull’s nose (which has a half-circle) is perfect to gives a timeless and functional appeal to a marble worktop. With curved edging, it’s virtually impossible to chip the worktop.

So, it’s best to choose your Carrara worktop slab in rounded edges that are easier to work around and also safe for houses with children.


Carrara marble is a popular choice for home renovation, architecture, sculptures and other projects. When installed in kitchens, this worktop can add unbeatable elegance to the given space. Many homeowners want to install Carrara marble in London. But, all of them are not aware of things to consider when buying this stunning worktop material. Do consider the given points when purchasing your Carrara worktop to make the best decision.

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