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In recent times, we see a lot of people surrounded by different socioeconomic issues and facing troubles to live a healthy life. A competition in living styles and economical burden leads to stress problems and a person fails to satisfy his own relationships. Many individuals find ways like drug addiction to cope with their depression. They become a victim of alcoholism and substance habituation. In response, they forget their worries for some time and remain unconscious. But on the other hand, along with mental health issues, they also destroy their physical health.

What is poor mental health?

Poor mental health can be defined as the poor abilities of a person to handle his depression, anxiety, and other routine issues in a proper way. He cannot control himself to behave properly with his loved ones. Rising negativity in personality and emotional imbalance starts deteriorating the personality. These issues need to be addressed seriously to make a healthy community. This is the time when a psychiatrist plays his role in reconstructing the ruined life.

We cannot perform physically well if we are not mentally conscious. Problems of anxiety, depression, and emotional abuse have risen many times from the past few decades. This is the reason that we see a tremendous increase in suicide cases. A mentally ill person loses hope and does not feel able to cope with routine life challenges.

Does drug addiction affect mental health?

Drug addiction seriously affects mental abilities. When the addict takes the agent on regular basis, he loses his ability to resist the demand next time. These drug substances pose a damaging effect on the central nervous system. Neurotransmitters in the central nervous system are badly affected. The person loses control over his own body parts, sometimes cannot even walk properly. The behavior of the person is not under his control due to emotional disturbances. When the mental health deteriorates, the addict cannot perform his daily duties, his job, and other family matters. Drug addiction can give pleasure for a short time but destroys the life completely.

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Why is the need for a psychiatrist?

A psychiatrist is a professional whose education specialty is to deal with the mental issues of people. He is able to diagnose the issue and treat it in a smooth way. A psychiatrist urges the emotionally disturbed person to share his feelings with him. He finds out the reasons behind drug addiction and works on them. When the patient expresses his emotions without any hesitation, he instantly feels relaxed with a friendly listener. A well-experienced psychiatrist can do effective counseling of the critical patient and can return him to a healthy life.

Best psychiatrist in Lahore

It is the ultimate need of the time to contact a psychiatrist if you or your loved one is facing the problems of depression or anxiety. If the condition has gone worsen and drug addiction has started, do report at the rehabilitation center. They have a professional psychiatrist to do the treatments. If you are searching for the best psychiatrist in Lahore, do contact me at the “Innovative Zone Rehabilitation” center.

They have experienced psychiatrist physicians who are able to provide emergency care to critical patients. They deal with different issues of mental disturbance arisen from the disrespecting behavior of loved ones, trauma, loss of a dearest relative, economical pressure, and other issues. Some patients start taking drugs or alcohol when depressed; they are also given effective treatment at the center.

Treatments at Innovative Zone Rehabilitation center


  1. Psychological treatment

It is a talking or counseling treatment in which a professional has a live session with the patient to understand his nature and emotions. He talks to him about the issues, he is facing. He is given guidance to step by step change his behavior and get more positiveness in him. This treatment takes time as it is a gradual process. Most of the cases are dealt with in this way.

  1. Medication
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Some cases are severe who are feeling mental health issues for a long time and have not addressed to anyone earlier. According to their health condition, they need some medicines to relax. Some are drug-addicted persons who are given lengthy treatments. Sometimes medically a patient has referred to other doctors due to some other serious problems also.

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