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To make homes more pretty and stylish, people use tiles of different designs, textures, colors, and materials. The tiles enhance the charm of the house. But only when the owner chooses the perfect tiles, especially for the floor.

If you are also planning to tiling the floor, you need to pick the right tile or everything will be drained; your hard work, your money, expressly the eagerness to make your house look fantastic.

To avoid any mistakes, go through these tips to choose the right floor tiles. In addition, you can visit online websites as they have a wide variety of stylish and cheap floor tiles to show you.

Hardness of tile

Pay attention to the hardness of the tiles. The hardness measures the ability of the material to withstand the traffic. And also the scratches.

Use the Moh’s scale to find out the hardness of the tile. They are divided into classes.

Class one means that the tiles cannot bear any traffic. Therefore, they are best for walls. Class two handles light traffic, so you can use them in the bathroom.

Class three endure light to moderate traffic, so it can be fixed in any room but not in the kitchen and entryway or any other area with heavy traffic.

Class four is for moderate to heavy traffic. You can install them in the kitchen, halls, and wherever you want.

Class five can bear extra heavy traffic. They are more appropriate for offices and public places.

Now you know the variation of tiles, so choose the tiles according to the hardness wisely.

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Know about the tile porosity

Tiles have more to do than just make the house look stylish. One of the other features of tiles is porosity. You can determine the porosity by a ratio of air holes to solids in a tile. It impacts the amount of water it absorbs.

Understand the porosity of the floor tiles, especially when you are installing them in bathroom laundry, mudroom, kitchen, or any other moisture-prone areas.

The porosity is also divided into categories.

Impervious: they are best for bathrooms, laundry, and kitchen. These tiles have water absorption of 0.5% and less.

Vitreous; they have water absorption of 0.5% to 3%.

Semi vitreous: these tiles have 3% to 7% of water absorption.

Nonvitreous: These tiles are not suitable for the floor because they have more than 7% water absorption.

Slip-resistant tiles

You don’t want to slip on your way back after the comfortable shower. Most tiles are slippery in nature. So if you don’t want any misshapen or have children or elder in the home, opt for slip-resistant tiles.

You can choose tiles with textures and can inquire about the nature of the tile from the seller.

Remember these points when looking for slip-resistant tiles.

  • Some ceramic and porcelain tiles have a unique textured surface.
  • State stone has a natural slip-resistant texture.
  • It’s best to include 4 x 4 or smaller tiles because these have more grout lines than resist the slipping.
  • Pebble stones are highly textured with a unique aesthetic.

Large tiles

For places like the living room, dining room, and bedroom, use the larger tiles. It is also good if the room is small or does not have any or a little natural light source. Larger tiles give the illusion that makes the room look wider. You can use the same tiles for walls and the same color grout filling to enhance the illusion.

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Opt for concrete

Concrete tiles are the best option nowadays. The tiles are modern and stylish with great luxurious vibes. One of the best parts of concrete tiles is that you can customize them according to your application.

You can choose the size, texture, and color of the tiles and imprint the custom designs. They are also durable and can endure high traffic, staining, and moisture.

But the major downside of concrete is its hardness. As a result, some people may find it hard to walk on the tiles bare feet, especially children and elders.


Hope these tips will help you to find suitable tiles for you. Choosing the right tile is not about design, colors, and texture but more of it. You have to care about the features of the tile when shopping for them. And these points will help you to get the best.

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