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Candidates appearing for IBPS RRB Officer Scale-1 Prelims 2020 Exam this time will face much more competition than usual because of the increased number of applicants. You need to prepare strategically In order to ace the exam. Most of you might face problems in strategizing how to crack the exam. You have less time to cover it all. So, we came to your rescue and prepared the best last minute tips which will help you in clearing the IBPS RRB 2020 Exam with flying colors.

Let’s look at the important last minute tips that will definitely help students in cracking IBPS RRB Officer Scale-1 Prelims 2020 Exam:

 Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude

Revise all the topics. Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude both are very practice sensitive. To be able to do all the questions correctly within the given time limit comes with practice. So remember all the formulas and shortcuts you have learned while preparing for the exams. They will play an important role in finding the correct answers within the least time possible.

Time Management is the key

Another thing is time management. You should know how to divide the time in equal proportion so that you are able to solve  all the questions within the given time. Ideally, you shouldn’t be stuck with any question. It is also advisable to give only one minute to all the questions and take calculated risks because of the negative marking.

Give a good read to the question paper. Avoid silly mistakes and give answers to the questions being asked. Start your paper by solving the questions you are confident about. Don’t waste all your time on a single question.

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Don’t take Stress

Don’t stress too much before the exam day. Taking too much stress can often spoil the exam. Keep yourself relax and focus all of your energy on giving the best exam. Stay Calm as much as possible. And remember all your hard work is going to pay back. So, just take a deep breath.

Self Study is the best

Self-study is the best way to gear up for any exam. Self-study gives you the time to teach and learn on your own. You can work on your weaknesses and strengths on your own. It is advisable to prepare yourself for the exam. So, practice as many question papers as possible. This way you will know your weak areas. Try to strengthen your weak areas by taking the best online coaching for SBI PO. You can take mock tests and discuss all the questions with the best teachers from the comfort of your home.

Make a good and manageable study table

It is really important to make a manageable study table. Given the situation, it is highly advisable to make a study table so that you can strategize your subjects. Though it may take some time, we assure this will be worthwhile. Knowing how much time to spend on a subject can really solve so many hurdles.

Solve basics first, then go for advanced

It is pretty much advisable to know how to solve basic questions first. You need to have a good clarity of basic concepts. This kind of absolute clarity comes with a lot of practice. This also helps in strategizing for the final exam. Brushing basic concepts may not take much time but it can be wholesome if done correctly.

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Know weak areas and work upon them

Take as many mock tests as available. With every mock test, you can analyze what is your weakness. This way you will know where to put more effort in. What one should do to understand that certain topic. How to strategize the process of question-solving.
In lockdown finding a good teacher who can help in all this can be pretty difficult. So, enrolling in the best online banking classes is the only rescue.

Attempt mock tests seriously

Taking up mock tests is one of the best things people aspiring to crack the exam can ever do. Having clarity of thoughts and idea of questions coming in the exams can help a person a lot.

I hope all these tips will be helpful while preparing for the exam.


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