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.The means of education are expanding widely. Education is not limited to the four walls of the classroom and the blackboard, but has expanded at the fingertips as a result of technological advances. Many educational institutions today use technology like school management software to deliver processes such as admissions, exams, payments, and more online, making tracking simple and easy. There are many advantages to using an online examination software. Here are some of the advantages of online exams over paper-based exams that require you to persuade them to use the online exam system.

Advantage of using Online Examination Software

Security of Examination Paper

Online exams provide flexibility and security to the exam process. Once all questions have been uploaded to the system. Then the system can change the order and ask other students a question. This minimizes the possibility of cheating.

However, this is not possible with paper-based tests, and it provides room for negligence because paper cannot be printed differently from student to student.

There is also the possibility of a paper spill while passing to another test site, and these risks are mitigated using an online testing system.

Fast result processing

In the online exam, your results are calculated instantly and accurately.

Paper-based testing involves multiple steps, making the paper evaluation process time-consuming and prone to human error.

Remove the test center

The online exam system allows candidates to take the exam anywhere. Test surveillance can be carried out using a web camera and microphone. This method of conducting tests is called remote supervision.

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Taking the test remotely allows hundreds of thousands of students to attend the test without travel and accommodation costs.

It also addresses issues such as scheduling exams at various test centers, hiring proctors, providing security to these centers, and more.

Logistics cost reduction

Logistics costs are minimized in online exams. The inspection process is managed using technology. This is useful if you want to conduct an exam with multiple candidates in different locations.

The processing of the results is also done online, which limits logistics costs.

In paper-delivered exams, logistics costs are high because many factors such as test centers, hiring managers, etc. must be considered. The questionnaire and answer sheet must be provided at the designated test center within the designated time frame.

You also need a system to collect answer sheets from all test centers to a central location for further processing.

Suitable for subjective testing

Online hosted tests can be used if candidates need to write their answers in simple English using special symbols/charts, etc.

Online subjective tests can be managed using features such as voice-to-text, uploading images of diagrams drawn by students to answer test questions.

Examiners can easily evaluate subjective responses using individual logins.

Reduction of inspection cost

Due to the flexibility of the online exam system, the exam cost per candidate is approximately Rs. 10 to Rs. 50. On the other hand, for paper-delivered exams, the cost per candidate is Rs. 300 to Rs. 400.


Thus, an online examination software becomes a cheaper and more viable option for conducting exams.

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 Remote supervision

Online exams can be managed in an automatic surveillance mode .

Where a web camera connected to the system can take a snapshot of the student for the exam and act as a supervisor/supervisor.

This is again cost effective  and time efficient.

So, this is  the way, the same student will appear on the exam and the system can track the student during the exam.

During the paper-delivered examination, you must hire a supervisor for a specified number of students.

Create a questionnaire

Designing a questionnaire for a digital exam is not only relatively easy , but  it also reduces the likelihood of paper leaks.


Designing a questionnaire for a paper-delivered exam is a daunting task. There are a variety of logistics activities ranging from manual item selection, paper design, paper printing, and distribution of questions in a secure manner to various test centers.

 Flexibility in test management

Online exams give you the flexibility to design, evaluate, and score exam papers. Students can ask the same or different questions.

However, existing exams have little or no flexibility and cannot be changed or modified at the last minute.

 Analysis and ranking of results

Analyzing your results on an online exam is easy and immediate. Online exams can provide detailed analysis, ranking, distribution topic or subject-specific analysis.

It will help you make further decisions.

Traditional test result processing is a manual and tremendous administrative task.

Many judges participate in editing the final result. These results are error prone.

Here is an introductory video of an online exam system that will help you automate and simplify your college exam system.

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