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Dealing with computer hardware in UK is a tough job. Not only you would have to test hundreds of brands to get a desired and perfect product but you would also have to go through a lot of hectic routine, such as unnecessary visits of hardware stores, checking products for quality, and so on.

To save time and labor one would prefer online shopping. But it comes with cons of its own. For example, online shopping is the easiest way to get scammed.

If someday, out of nowhere, you decide to just throwaway your hard-earned money into waste, consider online shopping from scammers and defaulters. It’s that easy.

Therefore it is mandatory for us to provide our readers with quality information and hence we have come up with five hardware brands that you can always trust.

1. Apple inc.

On a serious note anyone would be shocked if we do not mention this name. After all it is one of the biggest and the best brand for hardware and technological gadgets, not only in UK, but the whole world.

Famous for designing, manufacturing, and marketing, mobiles, laptops, desktops and other hardware accessories Apple was founded in 1976. From that year onwards, this company has only grown up to be the best.

Its computer and related products fall under Mac product series and is considered as best in the market for work purposes and especially if you want a device that does not lag while you are trying to accomplish multitasking.

2. Microsoft

Founded by Bill gates our next company is one of the most famous company in the world when it comes to operating systems. Windows by Microsoft is the most recognized operating system for PC users. It does not matter which age group you belong to; you all would agree to atleast have seen Windows 1998 bootup signal along with traditional bootup sound.

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But Windows is not all about Microsoft. Microsoft is also famous for developing, manufacturing, selling, and providing licenses, and support services for laptop and computer hardware parts. With budgets and revenue both in billions, this company sure knows how to provide top notch hardware services.

3. IBM

International Business Machine Corporation, the name itself indicates that something big is coming your way. IBM is one of the most recognizable brands when it comes to computer hardware in UK and probably the only competition to Microsoft in true sense, since both corporations have existed from the same time and have continuously competed with each other during every technological era.

But IBM is not for very other home user and very few use it for personal use. Most off the time this company comes in when you need took on something serious. IBM specializes in hardware related to servers and storage.

4. Intel Corp

There are so many famous brands in this list that even we are tired of it but we can’t do anything about it. Intel corp. is probably the only Chip making corporation we all know so well about.

Every major PC even the one you are using right now to read this article is probably working on the chip core made by this company.

It because of the company specializes in processors, motherboards, chipsets, power solutions, server products, and memory devices. One of the main reasons it got so famous is because of its tag line “Intel Inside”.

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5. Cisco

Famous for manufacturing and selling network relating hardware products this company may be local but is one of the fastest growing companies of UK. Their hardware services include provision of top-notch networking switches, routers, controllers, and other network related services.

Cisco is one of the leading companies on the list that is mainly about networking. The company hold a strong share in the market of 51% in ethernet switch revenue and a 37% share in enterprise router revenue. So, one can already judge why is it on no. 1.

Even covid-19 could not beat it due to its preplanned approach and proactive planning in the past that prepared it for the pandemic.

When the whole world had to shut down its business this company started providing additional services such as VPN and its video conference platform by the name of WebEx. Thus, ensuring their survival.

So, this was our list of some of the best computer hardware in UK. We do hope that it was upto the mark and that you will like it. However, this is not all as there are so many other companies that are doing amazing work right now.

Therefore, we would leave conclusion of this list on you. Kindly do provide us with feedback about what you think about this list and were your favorite companies included in the list or not. Hope to see you soon.

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