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If you are a lover of good music, you would know how music can soothe your soul and spirit. We all have our favorites, but today we invite you to explore. Open your heart to emerging talents who will leave new and let in the best sounds that emerging singers have for you. These emerging artists particularly caught our attention. Their coming or their albums should be one of the unmissable events of the coming year.

Marcus King

The Blues are alive! And they are not only maintained by their old legends. Since 2015, Marcus King, a chubby little boy with long wavy hair, born in the depths of South Carolina, has been composing and singing with the guitar like a stick of dynamite. The guy has just released a first solo EP, One Day She’s Here, produced by friend Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys).

King Princess

We began to be interested in King Princess when Harry Styles recommended her on social networks. She has been writing music since she was just a child and, in fact, turned down a contract with a multinational when she was 11 years old. King has now signed to the Mark Ronson label and is considered by many to be a pop icon for the next generation of young queers. Her songs tell us about her personal life, and she not only sings and composes them but is also a producer and multi-instrumentalist. This girl is a prodigy that has not gone unnoticed by BBC Music Sound.

Ryte EyE Ty (Cornelius Webb)

Cornelius T. Webb, aka Ryte EyE Ty, attracted a lot of attention as a gospel and country music songwriter and singer. Soon after he emerged as a talented musician and artist, he was placed in the 57th Annual Grammy Ballots. If you want a glimpse of what Ryte’s magical masterpieces, check out his July’s release called Freedom. The song was featured in the movie River Runs Red and earned him a dedicated fanbase. He was born and raised in Pompano Beach. He spent the early years of his life there, learning the knick-knacks of gospel and country music as a child, and began his career at a tender age of thirteen. He formed Simple Touch and Extreme Justice, two of his groups that rocked the city’s malls, hallways, and alleys. Today, he lives in Florida and owns Pretty High Publishing and One Way Up Entertainment, a company he co-founded with his wife, Deana Webb. Ryte gives credit to his parents, who supported him from the start. He worked with Ty Webb, Adonai Reigns, A City on a Hill and many other gospel groups during his early days. The artist has been nominated for the Gospel Blue Mic Award.

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Monique Nikkole

Monique emerged as a versatile artist right after the release of her debut single, Say Yes. Based in Brooklyn, the artist started as songwriter and singers, and soon created a buzz on the radio stations around the US. She performed at Open, a television show by Dr. Bob Lee, which brought her enough popularity to be rated as the artist of the month three times in a row on iHeart Radio. Besides being a talented musician, Monique is a fitness enthusiast and loves to run. She is probably the only artist in the industry who managed to complete the Chicago Marathon in 2016 and the NYC Marathon in 2015, not something you see the artists normally doing. If you want some R&B gold with an eclectic style and a beautiful voice, Monique’s Say Yes is your go-to song. She has also been named as the R&B Singer in 2020 and Unsigned Artist Radio Hottest Artist in 2019. If you are near New York, you might get lucky enough to see her perform live in front of the cheerful audience.


Leicester-born Mahalia Burkmar began playing guitar and writing songs as a child, releasing her first EP Head Space when she was just 14 years old. She coined the term’ psychoacoustic soul’ to describe her music. ‘Psycho’ refers to her lyrics that make us think, the ‘acoustic’ thing for her love for guitars and the ‘soul’ well, that seems to be enough. She has been a guest vocalist on We The Generation of Rudimental and appeared in the film Brotherhood of Noel Clark.

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Buscabulla is the duo made up of Raquel Berrios and Luis Alfredo Del Valle. Their music is alternative, sensual, and full of interesting and beautiful sounds. They are the result of the mixture of many musical influences and their experiences. They live in the big city from New York but carry Caribbean blood in their veins; both are from Puerto Rico. Besides forming the group, they are a couple and parents of a beautiful girl.

The Cure

Delve into the history of music to learn more about a group that recorded vinyl records and cassette tapes before it was back in fashion. The band’s classic Friday I’m in love, one of those songs that makes you feel good, is perfect for nailing the days of the week and, like the rest of his hits, super catchy.

She Mai

The cool R&B of this 24-year-old singer that takes us to the 90s seems to be convincing. Raised between London and New York, Ella Mai is influenced by Aaliyah, Maxwell, Brandy, and Lauryn Hill. After going through the X-Factor, this year, she has released her first album. She can already boast of having become the first British artist to reach #1 on the Billboard R&B chart (sales in the United States) since Lisa Stansfield did it with All Woman in 1992. And all thanks to Boo’d Up.

Sea Girls

It is the only band that appears among the ten candidates of Indie music from Leicester that makes catchy pop. “Think of The Killers biting the dust with Blossoms in a pub parking lot, and you’re halfway there,” the post notes. A letter from Nick Cave inspired the name, and that is already a hallmark of identity.


His sleepy voice earned him a nickname in his childhood, which is the one he has chosen as his stage name. Tyron Frampton delivers rap with a visual twist. His lyrics are loaded with clever puns and sharp observations on British life. But if your music hits, your videos are not far behind. In the video for Ladies, a song that talks about the failures of masculinity, he is naked in the fetal position with his girlfriend about one of the final photographs of John Lennon.

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If Drake gives his approval, there is something. He referenced him on Instagram when his single Party here went viral. He won a scholarship to the British school. Still, the institution disappointed him and said, “I don’t think they can teach anyone to be creative.” So, Octavian made a life for himself, something normal for him who spent some of his teenage years homeless. He built his style that takes us to grime, house, afro-swing and indie.

Grace Carter

This young 20-year-old singer from Brighton has a surprisingly personal way of dealing with music with the piano as her life purpose. The first thing she had in her hands was a guitar that her stepfather gave her when she was 13 years old so that she could start writing and expressing her emotions that were charged by the frustration of being a child with a single mother. Finally, she opted for the piano that she learned to play by watching YouTube while perfecting her voice in the church choir. The result was a mixture of a robust voice and a way of relativizing the things that have become her hallmark. She expresses her emotions and helps others express theirs, and it is not difficult to see her cry. Her EP, Saving Grace, is an intense meditation on life, family and heartbreak.


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