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Picking the ideal time for replacing or installing floor has always been a difficult task.

Sometimes you are left with no choice but to do floor installation during winter or summers. This can happen because of any emergency event or special occasion that is happening at your place. However, if you have a choice to select a season of your choice for floor installation. Then you must go for the spring season without even thinking for a second.

Spring is one of the seasons where the temperature is not at its extreme in either way. While during winter and summer there can be extreme temperature impact on your hardwood flooring.

First of all, spring is neither too cold nor too hot. It will make an ideal condition for the new hardwood floors to get installed. There are specific temperatures and humidity levels that you should choose. These levels are considered in perfect balance during springs season. You just need to discover the best conditions for this. Hiring a good local flooring company will assist you a lot in selecting the perfect season for replacing or installing floors.

Best For Installing Hardwood Flooring

Although the warm summer and bright sunshine can provide benefits to numerous gardens and other things but, your home isn’t a garden or a landscaping project. Every homeowner looks for something that can make their place looks more beautiful and comfortable. Hardwood flooring is one of those things that can make your place looks.

Hardwood flooring will make your house more attractive and also increases its value. Spring is considered the best time of the year for hardwood flooring.


During the spring season, wholesalers usually sell off the inventory. You can get your flooring material at steep discount rates. This is because during spring the new lines are released and old ones are dropped out. Secondly, there is a huge spring sale each year by a lot of the best flooring companies. So can get budget benefits from here too.

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The dropped out old lines are then sold at a discounted price. It means you can have a good deal in terms of a perfectly moderate budget. Or if you have hired a local flooring company, then, of course, their prices will be low for the material that will be used.

But here the choice is yours, you can either save the money by buying the old lines of previous years or you can waste a lot of money on the new upcoming new year’s lines. Yes! You will get a lot of options to choose from the new line, as compared to the old ones.

Hardwood Floor Acclimation 

All the floors including the hardwood floors should be properly acclimated to the surroundings of the house in which they will be installed. Without complete acclimation, the hardwood floor will dry out soon after the installation in any weather other than the spring. If this happens then You cannot blame any local flooring company in this, because it’s your own choice now to install it in this kind of season. In summers the air conditioners will act as a dehumidifier in this case.

In winters the hardwood flooring can get shrink after the installation. This happens because the home geta dry during the winter season, causing the hardwood floor to dry out. As a result, your newly replaced floor will get cracks and pulls apart. Your hardwood flooring material can also become vulnerable to distortion by absorbing more moisture. The damage during the dry season is also known as the cupping effect.

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Meanwhile, the best solution to all these problems is the select spring season for installing a hardwood floor in your house. The mild temperature that this provides will be a blessing for you and for the local flooring company that you hired. Since it also gives the best working conditions to install the hardwood floor easily by the workers.

The best chance of getting the proper acclimation will be given by the low humidity levels of the spring season. It will allow you to have a problem-free installation.

Fresh Air and Ventilation Factors

Hardwood flooring installation means that there will be a lot of different odors at your home. It can give an unpleasant feeling to you and your family members. For good ventilation and having fresh air during the installation of the hardwood floor, you will need to open the windows of your house. In this way, fresh air can come in. It is definitely a necessary thing to do as there will be fumes and odors in the working area, which can spread all over your place.

These uncomfortable odors can become a severe headache for you.

In winter opening a window can bring a lot of cold, and in summers your home can get really hot. But in spring and fall, you can easily open the windows to get fresh air at any time. it won’t affect your house’s temperature.

There are numerous advantages of getting ventilation at the working place. The smell of hardwood floor adhesive, stains, sealers, adhesive removers, and ironed tape during carpet installation can get really uncomfortable for you and your family. Secondly, they all emit noxious fumes that you will want to lessen as soon as possible.

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Energy Bill Saving

There will be a lot of opening and closing of the doors in your house during the installation process. As the workers have to get the supplies and tools from the outside. They have to take the old flooring to the outside and new to the inside. In summers your house can get really hot due to the hot air coming into the house.

For this purpose, you must have to keep your AC on for more time than the usual one. The same is the case with heaters in winters, as the house can get cold due to the continuous opening and closing of the door. In spring there is no such issue as the temperature will be moderate. So, there will be no need for any heater on continuous AC. In this way, you can save the energy bills in spring.

There are many advantages of installing the hardwood flooring in spring. If you have an option to select a season for floor installation then you should probably go for spring.

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