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Wedding photography is getting highly popular these days and as much as it is gaining popularity, the photographers are coming up with as many out of the box ideas to outshine their portfolios. The field of wedding photography is highly competitive and the photographers must be always updated, be it their skills, or their equipment.

When it comes to the equipment, most of the professional wedding photographers think that they have to spend lakhs to get the top-notch equipment. However, it is not so!

All you need is a carefully compiled set of equipment to make your job wonderful. Rest, you can buy as you earn, without putting stern pressure on your finances. If you are also planning to make a career in wedding photography, then this post is a must-read. We are going to share the list of top ten gear that you must own for giving the right start to your career.

Look at the following equipment every wedding photographer must need

1.       Efficient Media Cards

You have to have speed and precision if you want to make a career as a wedding photographer. Many people will be asking you for clicking their pictures and the couple will also be asking for special shots clicked in a rapid manner for creating innovative collages. Hence, having an efficient media card is a must. Having ample storage keeps you away from small troubles, such as changing the cards again and again, or emptying the camera memory for capturing longer functions.

2.       Camera strap

You cannot keep on holding your camera all the time; right? You have to do a lot of things, you have to go a lot of places, help people set poses and much more. Hence, invest in a high-quality neoprene camera strap that also comes with pockets for media cards. This way your neck will not suffer from irritation by the material of the strap and you can keep the media cards handy.

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3.       On-camera Colour Corrected LED

Most of the wedding photographers in Trivandrum require colour corrected LEDs for clicking lovely shots. This is because Trivandrum is a sunny place and your photos might get affected by the ambient light, especially if you are clicking outdoor photos. While the professional light array with a dimmer hosted on the camera’s accessory shoe works on AA batteries, they are relatively affordable and are important. They offer a wide coverage of illumination (up to 20 feet, varying as per the ISO configuration). You can also dim them to balance the ambient light and click stunning shots. If your budget allows, you can also buy colour-corrected LEDs that are more expensive and have filters for colour diffusion.

4.       Camera harnesses with holders for camera gear

The camera harnesses can be worn on the body and make it easier to carry the equipment as you want. Most of the wedding photographers in Trivandrum have to capture beach shots or island shots that require carrying a lot of equipment while maneuvering for clicking photos. Having everything in place allows you to do the job with a free mind.

5.       White-Balancing Tools

While most of the digital cameras come with an Auto White Balance function, most of the professional photographers do the job right on the spot. The classic gray cars that allow you to adjust the settings according to the ambient light and circular filters are some of the must-haves in this category.

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6.       Cleaning Kits

When you are a wedding photographer, you are constantly moving and touching all kinds of surfaces. At one moment you are lying on the ground to capture a shot from below, the other, you might end up sending a sand spray into the wind to add special effects. You will also eat and drink during the process. All these can make your equipment greasy or leave fingerprints on the lenses. Hence, keep a cleaning kit ready to keep your lenses sharp.

7.       Tripod

That goes without saying that you need a tripod. You can schedule the clicks by mounting the camera on it and do the job of spraying the flowers or waving the fabrics or any other creative thing that you want to do while clicking the photos.

8.       A robust, customizable, and collapsible flash bracket

This is yet another accessory that you must have. It allows you to attach a flash to your camera, while keeping it at a diagonal distance right above the lens. You can use it in horizontal and/or framing and the shadows are not visible in the photos. It also gets rid of the cringe-worthy flatness in the photos and makes them look more real.

9.       Battery or Vertical Grips

These grips are very useful for clicking portrait shots and vertical shots. They also make it easier to do your job while they prolong the camera up-time with their extra batteries. 

10.   Extra Power Back-up

Extra batteries, power banks, and multi-use power banks are the other must-haves for a wedding photographer; especially if you are trying to capture an Indian wedding function. Indian weddings are long and might end up costing you more than 2 or 3 batteries. Hence, you must invest in some reliable power sources to be always ready to click that awesome shot!

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We hope this list helps all the budding wedding photographers and they choose the right gear for giving the right start to their career.

If I missed anything which is essential for wedding photographers, please mention in the comment box below.

Thank you so much for reading!

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