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That is why you should carefully choose the kitchen countertops that you will install for construction or renovation. It has to be made of a material that is aesthetically pleasing and durable. Disassembling kitchen countertops is a difficult and expensive task, so you need to make sure that what you are installing will last for a long time.

Types of kitchen countertops


Perhaps the least expensive are laminate countertops. Laminates are very thin boards that are laid on existing countertops or precast countertops and glued together. They cost a fraction of the price of other countertop materials and are easy to clean. However, laminate countertops are not scratch or heat resistant and will not last as long as you would like.


Formica is another kitchen countertops in VA material that is affordable. It is a plastic material that can be cleaned with a cloth and contains melamine resin. This is what diner owners prefer for their bars and tables, as it doesn’t take much to keep it clean – a cleaning cloth and detergent would suffice.

Why granite kitchen countertops are good value for money

For those who don’t want the short lifespan of Formica or laminate kitchen countertops and aren’t restricted by small budgets. There are stone countertops that can come in one piece and are installed with the help of professional contractors.

Granite kitchen countertops are very stylish and instantly add to the value of any room or home where you are. It is important to know that although granite countertops are not porous, it is only because a sealer is applied to them, but the sealer can fade over time, especially when acidic substances are spilled on them.

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Granite has recently enjoyed immense popularity as a building material because it is extremely strong. In fact, it can only be cut with a cutter with a diamond blade or another piece of granite. When properly sealed, granite countertops can last a long time. For the sake of practicality, many people are willing to spend an extra dollar if they know that a product can last a lifetime or even longer.

Countertop Materials

Formica-covered kitchen marble counters are the most common and also the cheapest. Placing a hot skillet straight from the oven on a Formica-covered countertop can cause the material to bubble and crack, and this damage will not be easy to repair and could result in the entire section being replaced.

If you have the finances, a countertop made of much more durable material is much more conducive to cooking and preparing food. Materials that can be used for kitchen countertops include marble and granite, as they not only look good, but they are also very durable and strong.

Value of your home

If you plan to sell your home in the near future, but don’t have the funds to completely renovate your kitchen, then you can improve the overall appearance of your kitchen just by making a cosmetic change or two. 


Since more engineering is required to turn kitchen countertops into a shiny, smooth surface, quartz kitchen countertops are often more expensive than granite kitchen countertops.

Visual appeal: color combination vs. natural stretch marks

The unique beauty of granite makes it a fashionable material for kitchen countertops, despite the fact that it needs more maintenance than engineered quartz. The natural appeal of granite is due to its swirling patterns and ridges; these characteristics cannot be get in engineering quartz. Each granite countertop is unique. At the same time, many people like the way quartz counters designed to match the surrounding decor can be stained.

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Basic Construction: 

To create natural kitchen countertops, granite ore is mined, cut, and polished. Since granite countertops from solid stone slabs create, longer extensions of countertops may require multiple slabs. Perfectly matched colors are difficult to find in different samples of natural granite. 

In contrast, a mixture of 5 percent resin and 95 percent crush quartz on engineered quartz natural stone countertops. In addition, color pigments added to it. This combination is then poured into counter molds. For this reason, mold quartz countertops do not require regular sealing.

Permeability: stains, bacteria, and mold

In fact, the word granite comes from a Latin word for “grain.” Basically, a piece of granite is an amalgam of different “grains” of minerals.

This construction means that natural granite kitchen countertops include air pockets. If spills are not clean immediately, liquids can seep into air pockets on granite kitchen countertops and cause permanent staining. Additionally, granite countertops must be re-seal consistently; otherwise, they can become a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

Durability: Scratch and chip resistance

Here’s another area where granite kitchen countertops are more delicate. Granite may chip or scratch; quartz, on the other hand, is so dense that it did not scratch or damage in this way. Typically lasts longer than any surrounding minerals, such as sandstone, and is often get in stream sediments, as it is highly resistant to weathering.