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Home Improvement stores now become very popular in each country around the globe. The DIY (Do It Yourself) trend gives these home improvement stores the boost and now they have a huge part in the e-commerce economy in every country. These modern home improvement stores have every hardware, power tools, and home decoration items, you need to renovate your house, garden, or workplace.  

A lot of people are familiar with the top Home Improvement stores like:

  1. The Home Depot
  2. Lowe’s
  3. Ace

All these stores operate in the USA if you’re looking for top Home Improvement stores outside the USA. You’re in the right place. In this article, we’ve mentioned the list of top best home improvement stores outside the USA.

All the mention home improvement stores have their online store and you know the best part about online shopping. They offer discounts and deals, you can find some amazing home improvement coupons and deals of these stores on the internet. 

Home Improvement Stores in the United Kingdom

The first country in our list is the United Kingdom, it has the second-highest ratio of DIY trend and has some amazing home improvement stores. If you’re from the UK and looking for some best Home Improvement stores, check these stores.


One of the biggest and leading home improvement and hardware stores providing its services since 1969. B&Q is the one-stop for everything you need in your next DIY/Home project, they have over 40,000 products and other garden products. B&Q has over 300 running throughout the UK. Like any other store, B&Q also have amazing discounts and deals to offer their customers.

Noa And Nani

Noa & Nani is the leading furniture and home décor store in the UK, they are making furniture and home improvement products for ages. The motive of Noa & Nani is to provide you the best and affordable furniture that grows with you and your family. They can entirely change the look of your bedrooms and home interior. Noa & Nani currently running some great deals and discounts on entire stock, hurry up and get the best furniture in the market.


Maxwells DIY

Maxwells DIY is the OG of the DIY and home improvement market, they are working since 1932. They are counted as one of the oldest home décor companies in the UK and still providing you the best home/hardware products.

This entire company was made by a single cabinet maker, Jack Maxwell. Maxwells DIY is a family business and now Jack’s family is moving towards his business. They have some high-quality products with the most affordable price tags.


Home Improvement Stores in Canada

The next country on our list with the longest coastline, Canada. The good news for Canadian’s half almost every home improvement store in the US also operates in Canada. You’ll find all top the top home improvement and hardware stores in Canada. Here are the top three stores:

Lowe’s Canada

You probably familiar with Lowe’s, if not Lowe’s is the top flagship home improvement and home décor brand. Lowe’s have more than 470 stores in Canada, with over millions of products for their Canadian DIYer’s. Lowe’s is growing since they started in 1921.

The biggest reason why people choose is the wide range of products with a price range low to high. You’ll find every quality in Lowe’s. They are famous for their drop down of prices in holiday season sales like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and many more, you just need to wait for it. 

The Home Depot Canada

The good news for Canadians, the home depot operates in Canada too. According to the internet, Home Depot is the biggest home improvement store in the entire US and Canada. The Home Depot has the biggest stores area-wise, starting from 100,000 square feet. They have more than 182 active stores only in Canada. 

The best thing about Home Depot is their deals and discount, if you never shop from home depot you can get a 10% off coupon at the start of your shopping just by signing up for their newsletter.

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BMR Group is a well-known company in Canada. They have more than 17 active stores and an amazing online store packed with everything. According to BMR, they have 4 golden rules in the business:



BMR has a 1.7 billion dollars turnover last year, they help you make your home better with their home improvement ideas.

Home Improvement Stores in Australia

Australia has some of the best home improvement and décor stores, there is a big part of people in Australia who love the trend of Do it yourself. All below mention stores are Australia’s top hardware and home improvement stores, you may find everything here with the best price and highest quality. 

Bunnings Warehouse

Australia has some completely different names in the home improvement market, Bunnings Warehouse is the biggest home improvement company in entire Australia and New Zealand. They have more than 274 warehouses. 

Bunnings Warehouse has the best employees waiting in the store to guide you with the best and the price is lower than other home improvement brands in Australia.


Mitre10 counts in garden improvement and home appliances provider more than a hardware store. They are specializing in outdoor renovations and change your backyard completely. Mitre10 formed in 1959, is a large player in the Australian home improvement and hardware industry.

They have been providing millions of homeowners with solutions to their home improvement projects for over 50 years.

Home Hardware

Home Hardware is the trader’s choice, they are specialized in timber and hardware products. Home Hardware formed in 1993. They have a wide range of products and all the big brands available at Home Hardware. They have over 350 stores throughout the nation, get the best price on their online store.

Home Improvement Stores in India

India one of the most populated country has not any specific mega home improvement or hardware brands like other countries but Lowe’s are planning to open their Indian branch soon. Don’t worry you can find a good range of home improvement products in these amazing online stores. 

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If you’re looking to do some DIY projects in India, you first need to find some good ideas for your project and products you need In your project, We prefer you to do some research there are so many Indian home improvement website, where you can find quality research on your home improvement project.

Snap Deal

In India it’s hard to find a store only for home improvement and home décor, yes there are so many hardware and home improvement markets but you can find everything under a single roof. On snap deal, you can find millions of home improvement products and power tools. Snap Deal is like the Ali Express and Ali Baba of India.

Snapdeal is one of India’s leading e-commerce companies with its headquarters located in New Delhi. Snapdeal was launched in 2010.

Flip Kart

Flip Kart counts as the first of the few e-commerce websites launched in India, it was launched in 2007. Flip kart has one of the biggest range of products over 80 million+ products. You can find a wide range of home improvement, home décor, garden and hardware on FlipKart.com. 

Flip Kart is accessible all around in India and they have millions of satisfied customers everywhere.  

Amazon India

Amazon is building a great market in India; Amazon India is now becoming one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the Asia besides Ali Baba group. You can find a variety of home improvement and renovating products on Amazon India.

Amazon India has a wide range of products and you may find everything you need on your next DIY project at Amazon India.

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