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Sweatshirts have a certain appeal. They are comfortable, warm, and inviting. If you don’t already have a couple in your closet, you most certainly have one in the backseat of your car for chilly nights or to bundle up on your trip to wherever. The best thing about a hoodie is you can wear one any time of the year, and you would still be in step with fashion. They are great worn alone or layered under heavier jackets for winter.

Regardless of how you wear your sweatshirts, there will come a time when your favorite ones will still be in great shape, but they don’t interest you as much as they once did. As a result, calling for a little DIY work where you can alter them to become something new and exciting that you will want to wear again. In this article, we will review several pattern options that will change the look of that sweatshirt you’ve hidden away so that you will start wearing it again and enjoying it like you used to.

Angle Some Buttons For A Unique Look

This one is far too simple, but it will give that hoodie a brand-new lease on life. Visit your local craft shop or dollar store and look for oversized buttons. Pick out a few that will look great on a hoodie and attach them at an angle from the neckline. Use just three or four buttons to create the look. Then, if you intend to extend that look, randomly add another button or two on the sleeves or run a complete row off the shoulder and down one sleeve. You can use buttons on a sweatshirt to give it a different, updated look.

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Custom Shapes On A Hoodie

With various colorful scraps of fabric, cut out shapes that fit together and sew them onto the sweatshirt. You can fill the front panel, just the sleeves, or the back panel, create a design that fills the bottom half of the entire hoodie, or something smaller that sits on the chest. Whatever direction you go, make a one-of-a-kind pattern that will turn that tired old sweatshirt into a unique piece of art that will be bright and fresh.

Add A Single Accent Shape

Here is a variation from adding various fabric shapes to a hoodie to changing the look. Instead of cutting fabric scraps into shapes that fit together, just cut a single shape. It could be half a star, half a circle, half a triangle, half a sun, or whatever. Then, sew it in place so that the flat side of the half design aligns with the edge of the front panel of the sweatshirt. As a result, it will create the visual of a half shape emerging out of the side of the sweatshirt. Make the half shape, whatever size you prefer. It will liven up any old hoodie in the closet.

Optical Illusion Design

You will have to check online for the exact patterns, but with different colored fabric scraps placed in a specific way, you can create an optical illusion that will become an eye-catching piece of clothing. These projects will take a bit more work as the fabric shapes must be cut to precise sizes, so it is best to follow a pattern instead of trying to make this from scratch. The optical illusion pattern should fit either the front or back panel of the sweatshirt.

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Basket Weave Back

Using strips cut from fabric scraps, you can give a hoodie an exciting look with a weave pattern on the back panel. Again, search online for the specific instructions, but if you can cut fabric, you can quickly learn how to intertwine those strips into a basketweave design. It looks attractive and gives the hoodie a lot of extra texture, which produces depth.

Splash Some Paint On It

Even if you are not an artist, you can create a new look for that hoodie you purchased from Bella + Canvas by pulling out some fabric paint. You will find the colors at your local craft supply shop or dollar store. You can paint a picture or design or drizzle and splash paint onto the sweatshirt to make interesting, unique patterns that completely customize the garment. You may even discover a talent you didn’t know you had. The most important thing to remember with this project is that you have fun doing it. When you enjoy a project, you are more likely to end up with results you will find to your liking.

Dip It In Some Tie-Dye Ink

One of the unique pattern ideas that you will never be able to recreate more than once is tie-dye. It is a process where you tie up parts of the sweatshirt and dip it into a clothing dye solution. Once the dye sets and you wash the garment and remove the ties, various patterns emerge where the sweatshirt was dyed and where it wasn’t. Be sure to follow the direction that came with the fabric dye to achieve the best results, and check online for tips and tricks on how to maximize your efforts when you tie-dye clothing items. If you get good at it, you may want to use the same method to change the look of other t-shirts and wearables in your closet.

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Final Thoughts

If you are trying to convert sweatshirts into items you can sell at your online store, there are many ways to change the look of those garments. All you need are some patterns, scrap fabric, scissors, a sewing machine, fabric paint or dye, and imagination. You may create products that will inspire you to create your brand of customized sweatshirts that may push you into a different career path. However, it would be best if you always found out where a good idea may take you.

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