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The UAE is surprisingly becoming a sports lover’s haven. Not to mention that the emirate is witnessing an accentuating number of cycle tracks, beaches, football fields, and indoor sports centers and stadiums. That said, sports-related injuries are also on the rise.

Sports are about playing hard and giving fierce competition and of course. Therefore, getting injured is inevitable. Everyone knows that it is part of the game. What’s changed is that the problem which was once confined to males only is increasingly becoming a predicament for both genders. These days, men and women participate equally, particularly at younger levels. Therefore, they get hurt at similar rates.

Although you can get the best massage in Dubai that can help you recover from the injuries fast, it’s better to know about the most common sports injuries on your own. Read this article to know some sporting ailments and their fixes:

Ankle (Sprains)

Ankle sprains are a common injury in sports, caused by playing games such as rugby, football, and tennis. They usually occur when the players twisted their ankle around its longitudinal axis or bent to one of the sides. While ankle sprains are capable of causing severe pain, the prognosis can be good if treated properly.


Ankle sprains can be difficult to treat if not handled properly. Therefore, make sure that you seek proper suggestions from a well-known sports medical doctor or physiotherapist. As ankle sprains are often the outcome of walking, wearing unsupportive shoes, or playing sport on uneven ground (sand), maintaining good ankle stability can help curb this predicament. If you think you have weak ankles, exercises prescribed by a trained physiotherapist can enable you to get a speedy recovery. 

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Shoulder (Rotator Cuff/Shoulder Tendonitis or Bursitis)

This common injury starts with pain in the deltoid muscle area. Shoulder injuries are the result of the activities including swimming, throwing, and weightlifting, or after a hard fall. This may cause a tear in the shoulder which is followed by swelling and inflammation. Training adaptations and poor posture are some other possible causes.


Physiotherapy can help maintain the range of motion while strengthening the rotator cuff. Moreover, anti-inflammatory medication is yet another solution to treat this problem. If the pain continues to worsen even after several weeks or months, the doctor suggests to take cortisone injections, and occasionally surgery.

Lower back (Strains, Herniated Discs)

This is one of the most common injuries in the emirate. Everyone, whether they are athletes or non-athletes are prone to suffer from lower back pain and sciatica (pain shooting down the leg from the back).

This can be caused by lifting a heavy object, a simple twist, or a fall during sports. However, sometimes there is no common cause at all. Back pain can also stem from repetitive strain, poor posture, or muscle weakness caused by a sedentary lifestyle.


The first step is to let the pain fade away. You need to do back exercises as well as take anti-inflammatory tablets. Even if this fails to cure, seek specialist help. In more severe cases, the doctors may give you injections and surgery, if nerves are involved. Some of the best ways to lower the risk of back pain are to walk daily and do strengthening exercises such as Pilates and swimming.

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Knee (Meniscus Tears and ACL Tears or Ruptures)

As per experienced doctors in Dubai, the meniscus is caused by a twisting motion around the knee. It is a small cushion block, occurs inside the knee, causing it to rupture thus giving rise to severe pain and knee instability. Patients may find it hard to walk. 

Inside the knee, the meniscus is actually two semicircular pieces of cartilage — one is present on the inner surface of the knee joint [medial meniscus] and the other is on the outer surface [lateral meniscus].

The anterior cruciate ligament [ACL], which is a strong, thick band, rising from the back of the femur to the front of the tibia, can be damaged by a bad tackle or a high-energy twist.

The active lifestyle in the UAE often compels high-level athletes and weekend warriors to the physiotherapists with these injuries. These usually stem from running and especially playing high-impact sports such as rugby, football, basketball, ice hockey, and skiing.


Doctors usually suggest ice, rest, compression, and elevation, coupled with physiotherapy and anti-inflammatory medication for acute injuries. Some of the tears are so severe that they require surgical treatment with arthroscopy. The surgeon usually cuts out the torn fragment.

High-level athletes and people who feel fierce pain in their knee often have surgery for their ACL. This is done with the help of very small surgical incisions that require the use of other tendons like the hamstrings to reconstruct the ACL. Furthermore, activities such as foam rolling and pre-exercise stretching/warm-ups can also enable the body to prevent these injuries.

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In all, if you are the one who is experiencing some severe sports injury, consider consulting the best physiotherapist in Dubai. They will help you figure out the best solution for your problem. 

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