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During the late ’70s and ’80s, neon was the thing that marked the decade’s trends when it comes to interior design. However, this colour is rarely used today to decorate interiors, whether it be a home, office, or a public space. But there’s actually a lot of potentials to make lovely spaces with neon that are overlooked. In fact, you can incorporate these colours in moderation of any part of your house and wisely decorate your home with neon colours. You can utilize pink colour, lime, yellow, peacock blue, orange and other trendy colours that will provide a bang to your interiors. 

There’s no need for it to be too bold, and it certainly doesn’t require using a black light. There are plenty of ways you can use neon to complement modern spaces, but take note that too much of it can turn the room too bright and loud. In this article, we are going to share with you tips and hacks you can use in incorporating this retro aura into your house. 

Utilize to Complement White or Gray Walls 

35 Incredible Neon Interior Designs | Colorful interiors, Pop art decor,  Striped walls
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You may decorate your bare white or grey wall with neon serves as an accent without the need to be too vibrant on the eyes. For instance, you can hang neon paintings on your white wall, or paint vivid-coloured patterns on a little part of the wall. You may also paint your doors neon as they’re the biggest part of any wall, and serves as the primary accent to a room. 

Brighten Up Bed Covers and Other Textiles 

From clothes to shoes, now we can see how neon colours are extending their shine from bedsheets to sofas and duvet covers. Neon colour fabrics look great when matched with the light wall paint. You may add a big pop to your bedroom or living room with the splash of neon colours in cushions, duvet covers, and bedsheets. Bold neon colours will brighten up and refurbish your space. According to new home builders, the use of neon colours will give a fresh and lively look to the bedroom. 

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Liven Up Wallpapers or Wall Paint 

14 Best Shades of Yellow - Top Yellow Paint Colors
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Are you fed up of the same dull, simple colours? Want to explore more colours? Then this might be the best time to decorate your home with charming neon colours is the best choice. To give the walls of your home wit that glow, you may want those dull walls with bright colours. However, make sure that you maintain its balance with grey, white or pastel colours. You may add an eclectic vibe to space by incorporating bold artwork. 

Moreover, you may decorate your home by adding neon colours at the time of lamination of wooden flooring. As you use bright neon colours on the walls, utilize soft colour accessories and furniture. But if you don’t wish to paint a big area, you can spice up your room by painting interior doors or vertical spaces. 

Use Neon Furniture in a Dull Room 

Color Palette: Neon-tastic - Los Angeles Prop Stylist
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If you like to do something a little bolder, you may insert neon furniture in rooms that have muted colours. Neon furniture will look and blend amazingly in light pastel colours and off-white walls. The furniture can vary from vases to lampstands to throw pillows on the settee. Make sure that you don’t use too much neon furniture since it can be hurtful to the eyes. You can keep the accent furniture items to three at maximum, and the neon colours to at most two. 

Brighten Up Your Garden with Neon Colours 

Neon Home Decor - How to Decorate With Neon | Apartment Therapy
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It’s time for you to take advantage of blooming colourful flowers and natural light in your garden by using accessories that have vibrant neon colours. You may harmonize your garden swings, chairs, earthen pots with fresh apple greens, bright pink, soft lilacs, and rich blues. You may even use neon string lantern that transforms your exteriors space. Pots don’t only decorate your garden, but also decorate the interior of your home. If you wish to embellish your balcony with neon accents, then you can proceed to opt for neon lamps, hanging posts, and etc. It will provide a special look to your interior. 

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Create a One Wall Neon 

This is probably the boldest move you can do for your home! Painting a wall of your room neon will not only make the room feel more dazzling but also give it a fun and unique vibe. Although it’s not really recommended to paint your bedroom neon, you can use the colour in one of your living room or dining room walls. Just make sure that you complement it with plenty of blacks and whites in your furniture, and you’ll be great! 

Let the Kitchen Shine 

Say it with De-Light: Brilliant Kitchens with Fabulous Neon Signs
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Women love to spend their time in the kitchen, this is why its colour and interior should be comforting. A lot of interior designers love bright colours for home decor, particularly for the kitchen and living room. Having neon colours in the interior gives it a contemporary look. You may paint the walls with vivid colours and utilize soft accessories, or use neon colours in accessories such as lamps, tables and chairs, designer falling lights with calming light colour walls. It will give you more energy to work and keep your kitchen looking fresh all the time. 

Popping some colours in your home can be fun but using too much of neon colour in the house may give you a headache as these colours tend to be naturally bold, brighter, and intense. So make sure that you follow our advice and use the shades correctly.