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SEO stands for search engine optimization. The term alludes to certain procedures that we use to rank our site on the head of web index results. Web optimization is fundamentally categorized into two terms i.e white hat SEO and dark hat SEO. As such, there are three significant sorts of SEO practices. 


SEO is quite important because the motive of SEO is to improve the online presence, traffic and better rankings of the website.. It is free and the best method to get traffic from significant web crawlers and having information about Homework help. Essentially, SEO is partitioned into two sections i.e white hat SEO and dark hat SEO. We should view these procedures individually:- 


                Types of SEO Practices

1. White Hat SEO

A white hat SEO technique is the most reliable and legitimate SEO technique followed by digital marketers.  It is the best technique to gain higher rankings in search result pages. Google also suggests the marketers follow the white hat SEO practices.

White hat SEO practices are widely used in the world. Moreover, it follows the Google and other search engines guidelines and there is no risk of being penalized by any search engine.

White hat SEO practices start with high-quality content. Most of the marketers start their white hat SEO practices by publishing high-quality content on their website. Along with high-quality content, it also includes HTML optimization, Along with high-quality content, it also includes HTML optimization, website restruction, link acquisition, manual research and outreach., link acquisition, manual research and outreach.

White hat SEO practices are slow but the most powerful white hat SEO technique. It takes its own time to drive the results. But remember that it is the most last long SEO practice.

2. Black Hat SEO

However, black hat SEO is the most powerful but not reliable SEO practice in the World. Interestingly, it is the training to discover the shortcomings in the significant web crawler to get the higher rankings on SERPs. 



Dark cap SEO is contrary to the rules of all the significant web crawlers. That is the reason it is considered as an ill-conceived SEO method. The most widely recognized dark cap SEO methods contain spam joins, catchphrase stuffing, shrouding, concealed content and shrouded joins. 


These procedures ruin the general understanding of clients with the site. Since more often than not this strategy diverts the clients to those sites which are not commendable for the clients. 


As I have referenced over, these practices ruin the client experience. That is the reason traffic produced with the assistance of these practices doesn’t last. Then again, the rankings of the sites are additionally not ready to stable with the utilization of these procedures. Conversely, the positioning acquired with the dark cap SEO procedure is just made due for several days or weeks. 


3. Gray Hat SEO

To wrap things up, among white cap and dark cap SEO there is likewise a spot where Gray cap SEO exists. Dim cap SEO is otherwise called a dead zone. As such, it is the mix of both White cap just as dark cap SEO rehearses. 


The advantages of Gray cap SEO is this, it causes the advertiser to get moment results on web crawler and it is significantly longer enduring than dark cap SEO rehearses. That is the reason it is as yet well known among a portion of the advertisers who provide quick results in SEO.


        Types of SEO Techniques

SEO techniques are basically divided into two parts: the on-page SEO and the off-page SEO. There is also an additional type of SEO technique that is technical SEO.In any case, this is the piece of engineers and fashioners. The advanced advertiser needs to help the engineer and architects to improve the specialized SEO of the site. We should discuss the two significant procedures of SEO i.e On page SEO and Off page SEO.  

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1. On-page SEO  :   

On page SEO basically includes the keyword research, internal linking, meta tags, meta description, URL optimization, alt tags optimization, and the most important quality content.


It is the most significant advance in on-page SEO. In this the SEO chief examination the watchwords dependent on the inquiry volume, rivalry, and the pertinence with the business objective. 


There are numerous kinds of watchwords on the planet. Fundamentally, catchphrase partitioned into two sections the first is short tail watchwords that contain 1 to 3 words. Also, the subsequent one is Long Tail that contains in excess of 5 words. Long tails watchword is in every case less serious with a nice measure of search volume. 


Keyword infusing is the procedure to put the catchphrase inside the substance dependent on the need. Fundamentally, we start with the two significant catchphrases i.e essential and the auxiliary. We should put the catchphrases in any event 5-10 times in a 1000 word long bit of substance. 


Then again, we ought to likewise put the auxiliary catchphrase in any event once in the substance. Recollect that your essential catchphrase ought to show up inside the initial 140 expressions of the substance. Check more. SEO Types.


Off-page SEO : 

Off-page SEO is the most significant sorts of SEO procedures. It is the method alludes to those exercises that are performed on different sites to rank the specific site. Off-page, exercises are not completely constrained by the advanced advertiser.

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Off-page SEO techniques include the post sharing, commenting on the post, social media posting, guest posting, Q&A and so on. Backlinks play a crucial role in the off page SEO techniques.



Sharing is mindful, share the blog via online media and different applications will assist you with causing your substance to turn into a web sensation via web-based media and other web applications. 


It additionally causes you to arrive at your post to countless individuals over the globe. On the off chance that they discovered your post important enough for them, at that point they will share your substance on their profiles and different gatherings and applications.



Guest posting is the old but most effective method of off page SEO technique. It helps the digital marketer to create high authority backlinks for the websites. Guest posting is still most popular among most of the digital marketing experts.

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Presently you may get enough information about the sorts of SEO. We realize how to utilize the significant kinds of SEO that will assist us with positioning the site on the top of lists. We never follow the black hat just as Grey hat strategies in our SEO cycle.


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