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Everybody has ordinary and old school beds in their homes but your little monsters always need something appealing and full of bright colors that can make them awestruck. Plus, if you have a couple of kids around, a single bed won’t be enough to encapsulate all the craziness that befalls them. Most of the parents that we encounter don’t have enough budget to rent out big villas or mansions to provide separate rooms for their kids.

Now, how does the word bunk bed sound to you? Exciting, right? Keeping in view the hassle of the parents and the fun of the kids, MK Furnishings has created a wide range of kids’ bunk beds each of which consists of unique characteristics. We are going to take you on a bunk bed ride today and then you can choose one for your depending upon your likings and requirements.

  • Kids Beds with Slide

The first bunk bed is a bunk bed with a slide that contains a very harmless slide. We know that you may be thinking that your kid can hurt himself/herself by taking a slide on this bunk bed but the material used to assemble the slide is highly comfortable and harmless. Moreover, the sides of the slides provide extra grip to your kid which keeps their balance intact. So, it’s just fun for your kids. Moreover, these bunk beds provide an adventure of their own to your kids, keeping them engaged for a long time. Thus, while they are playing in their room, you can breathe and watch that show you couldn’t make time for.

  • Kids Bunk Beds with Storage
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Kids are all fun and games till you have to place their belongings somewhere. The problem of storage! It is an inevitable problem and it’s only going to get bigger with each passing year. However, if you have the proper place and storage space then it won’t be much of a problem. The bunks beds of MK Furnishings come up with a lot of storage space that can be used to place various toys, blocks, books, and/or even clothes of your kids. Thus, these kids’ bunk beds with storage are your ultimate solution for the storage problem.

  • Kids Cabin Bed

If you want to make two hits with just a single shot then you must go for a kids cabin bed for your little freaks. These cabin beds not only provide the storage space that you need but also takes your kid on a magical adventure. Cabin beds come up with a lot of additional accessories such as an in-built play area, a desk, or sometimes an extra bed or two! So, all the mums and dads, if you want to clean up some space for your kids and make your kid’s room look neat and clean at all times, choose a cabin bed from our cabin bed collection. Your kids can take the stairway or the little hideaway that they built overnight to make it more adventurous and exciting. We also make customized cabin beds and include the things that our customers like leaving out the extras. Therefore, you won’t have to deal with the accessories you don’t want in the first place.

  • Kids Double Bed

Moving onto the fourth category of MK Furnishings, the kids double bed is highly stretched to provide enough room for the kids to sleep, play, and well, play. If you’re reading a bedtime story to your kid and fall asleep, you don’t have to wake up cranky along with a sore neck because these beds provide enough space for you to fit in without taking up most of your kid’s space. It can be nice to wake up with your kid drooling all over your arm too.

The Final Takeaway

We know that you’ve made a decision to buy a bunk bed or a double bed for your kid. The main thing that has left to do is to find the right place to make such a purchase. Well, where else you need to go when MK Furnishings are right here, ready to be at your service. Choose the most suitable bed for your kids and give them a surprise of loads of fun and adventure. We assure you that this can be one of the best decisions that you’ll make so far. So, order yours now!

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