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Burglary attempts are not a new thing, nor are they going to vanish. Although there has been a decline in the number of burglary cases, such threats are still lingering in the air. As the unemployment rate has suddenly shot up, it is expected that such cases may arise. If you are not your home all day, it becomes essential to be cautious about the safety of your house.

Simple locks cannot deter thieves from barging in. However, you do not need to worry about home safety now as there are AI-powered doorbells and locks. You can keep an eye on your front door anytime from anywhere.

From a wire-free video doorbell with a 180-degree angle that lets you see the visitor from head to toe to keyless doors that allow you to enter with your fingerprints, technology has changed the security system drastically. This blog discusses some smart doorbells and locks you should use to increase the safety of your house.

Wyze video doorbell

It is a perfect doorbell to increase your home safety. 1080p full HD video will let you see a clear frame of the visitor even in the pitch dark. Here are the additional key features of these video doorbells:

  • You will get an instant notification every time a visitor calls on at your doorstep. As the visitor rings the doorbell, you will receive a notification and then pull up a live streaming video to see whether you have to entertain the visitor or to ignore.
  • It comes with a 3:4 aspect ratio, which means you can see visitors from head to toe along with the packages while other video doorbells serve 16:9 aspect ratio, which means you cannot see the packages.
  • The size of these doorbells is very small, so your doorbell will remain at the centre of attraction. However, it does not mean the visitors will miss them. This minimal gadget is featured with a motion-activated LED.
  • Two-way audio will not disappoint your visitors when you are no home. Open the app and ask them, for example, to leave the parcel near the plants or under the chair lying next to the entrance.
  • You can also receive notifications if any person approaches your door and does not ring the doorbell.
  • Since it is featured with free cloud storage facility, you can record the visit of everyone.
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Rise video door phone

Despite indoor and outdoor security cameras, there has been a surge in purloining cases of packages. This is why it has become imperative for people who are generally out all day to use advanced security gadgets. Here comes the Rise video door phone. Here are the features:

  • It is featured with two-way communication. You can have a conversation to know if they have the package you ordered and tell them where to leave when you are not at home.
  • This phone will take a picture of the package left at the doorstep and send you with a notification.
  • Since it comes with a secure wall lock, it is safe to install on any porch.
  • You can have a complete view of the person standing at your doorstep along with the packages.
  • It can allow you to leave the text message to the delivery person that displays on the bell’s screen in case you cannot attend the call.

Wyze lock wireless smart lock

Now manage your front door with more convenience. Just install this on your door and operate it through Wyze app. You can lock and unlock your door from anywhere. Here are the other features of this wonderful lock system:

  • Since it has a feature of auto-lock and auto-unlock system, you do not need to remember codes and keys. It opens as you walk up to the door and closes when you are inside. No more hassle of handling keys and manual latching.
  • It will give you a complete control over in-and-out of people throughout the day, so you do not need to worry while sharing your home access with your friends, dog walkers etc.
  • You can still use a code to get in your house. To prevent others from knowing the right code, you can add a digit either before or after the code. The door will still unlock.
  • Inbuilt sensors can detect the position of the door
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Keyless door lock

As the name suggests, you do not need a key to lock or unlock your entry door. Just a delicate touch and it will open to usher you in. One of the significant benefits of such locks is you do not need to take care of keys with you, and you do not need to be afraid of losing your keys. Keys of these locks are your fingers, and they will always be with you. Here are the features of this security system:

  • This lock system is tiny but very smart. Just touch it and the door will open and when you are inside, it will automatically get locked.
  • Using the app, you can manage it from anywhere. You can lock and unlock the door to allow others to let your home in.
  • You will have access to the history of visitors. You can also get to know their in-and-out timings.

Home safety is essential, undoubtedly. The risk of robbery increases when you are out all day. Make sure that you use advanced gadgets to foster safety. These AI-powered gadgets are not very cheap. If you do not have money to pay for them outright, you can plan to take out long term loans with no guarantor.

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