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Are you an investor searching for some sound investment options? Apartments, houses, and even villas in Dubailand have proved to be the best-suited option for that. Considered as the best places, with reputed builders and high construction standards, one should definitely consider investing here.

Here’s why you should not miss the opportunity of investing in Dubailand:

Largest Communities in Dubai

Dubailand is one of the most ambitious real-estate mega-projects in the world. Built on a mega-scale, the Dubailand development comprises a massive area of 3 billion sq. ft., which upon completion, will be home to 45 theme-based developments featuring a combination of residential and commercial properties.

Out of these, The Villa Dubailand remains the most famous one. It brings a complete set of facilities and amenities like entertainment centers, parks, gardens, and more for its residents. Amongst property investments, numerous villas and apartments are available. These are luxurious and spacious spaces, with ample amount of green areas in their surroundings, definitely something that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Lifestyle, Amenities, and Features

With the top framework, multiple dining options, and cutting-edge recreational and entertainment amenities, Dubailand offers a high-quality lifestyle to residents. Shaded play areas for children, outdoor gyms, basketball and tennis courts, football pitches, and a cycling route are some of the amenities available here. 

Suffice it to say, Dubailand is the ideal community where everything you need will be at your fingertips. These extraordinary healthcare services, and well-established schools and universities, provide the residents with an excellent way of living.


With a purpose to provide a high quality of life, Dubailand has a modern yet relaxing ambiance. Streets have been planned for casual outdoor strolling, where families and children can relax outdoors anytime they wish. With three community centres home to world-class restaurants, cafes, shops, clinics, and gyms, the residents of Dubailand have everything they might need at their doorstep.

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Design and Architecture

Designed to meet all needs of a modern family, apartments, townhouses, and villas here are laid out with the unique needs of different families in mind. The property designs take into account storage needs, as well as efficient lighting, impeccable interiors and exteriors, and flexible designs that allow owners to experiment and add their own tastes to the layout of their home.  

Attractive Rental Yield

Investing in a real estate property in Dubai is always beneficial and brings immense rental yields altogether. With more visitors coming in on an annual basis, they will need more accommodations. Most of them will have to rent it out as buying a property is not a child’s play and requires great amounts. During these times, your properties will accommodate these expats and generate revenue for you.

Choice of Properties

There are numerous properties available for investment. One can choose any from flat land, to studios, villas, apartments, townhouses, and much more. Making the right pick clearly depends upon their budget, time, payment plan, etc. Most importantly, one should look for options that are best suited for their needs.

Choosing a smaller unit is also in demand for young couples who work and have small families. Larger units favour those people who live with their extended family or are visiting Dubai for vacation. Either way, the property owners have a greater advantage of earning out of these properties.

Price and Hidden Fees

Price remains the most important factor when planning to make an investment. However, as an investor, one should be mindful of the price and the add-on prices like broker fees or some annual charges. Sometimes, they are not included in the pricing plan and the client becomes aware of it at a later stage. But it is never a pleasant experience, as managing the finances at a later point can upset them.

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Therefore, one should be certain of the installation prices, balance payment, and the down payment involved. Before making the payment, one should do a complete homework of the possible properties, facilities included and then make an informed decision. After all, taking ownership of a property requires large amounts of your investments and any back luck is the last thing it might think of.

The Takeaway

Utilizing one’s life savings into a reliable investment option is a common trend seen globally. The above-mentioned factors will help you make an informed decision. Be mindful of the timings. It is apprehended that Dubai Expo 2020 is just around the corner and the influx of visitors will greatly increase. One can easily invest in land properties or buy a villa for sale in Dubai and later rent them out to the visitors for accommodations. During this time, the prices and demands are likely to increase and one can reap great benefits out of it. Nevertheless, keeping in view the benefits and right timings, Dubailand can prove to be a profitable and sound investment option for you.

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