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Acid and alkali form the basis of middle-grade chemistry. Students often assume that the courses they learn in school don’t have real-life implications. With the increasing attention and interest given to alkaline water, Australia is seeing a rise in manufacturers producing products. An alkaline water filter is a perfect example of such a product. The primary aim of these producers was to supply alkaline water to Australians.

Stomach Acid

While water is very significant to the body as 60% of the bodyweight is from water. It has many different areas of functions that range from small cells and tissues to skin and sweat. But what is so significant about alkaline water that it triumphs everyday plain water use? It is necessary to understand precisely what alkaline water is.

Alkaline and acids are a crucial part of chemistry that deals with pH. The power of hydrogen, in simple terms, is a balancing act. The balancing scale runs from 0 to 14, with 7 being the neutral state. Below 7 is the range of acids, and above 7 is the alkaline. The body needs to be balanced, and as a result, the pH must be around 7. A critical part of the human body is the stomach.

The stomach produces a powerful acid named hydrochloric acid (HCL) to digest and kill microorganisms from food. By reflecting on the above paragraph, one can understand that this HCL is destruction to balance the body at a 7. This is precisely where the alkaline water comes into play.

Why Alkaline Water?


As alkalis are above neutral, adding them to acids that are below neutral can balance the pH of the body. While regular water has a pH of around 7, alkaline water has a pH between 7-9.5. By textbook and theory, plain water is approximately 7 in pH. However, a lot of tap water sources in Australia are acidic.

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This occurs due to the contact that water has with the soil and other surfaces on the route to one’s tap. Rainfall collected to be purified can be slightly acidic from the very start due to acid rains. An industry runoff and chemical waste near water areas can also rub off acidic particles. Sometimes people can find out about their unbalanced water by seeing blue copper stains on their utensils or having foul-tasting water.


Buying expensive mineral water doesn’t seem like a great alternative. Alkaline water can be a better alternative here. How is alkaline water made? The device that makes the water more alkaline is an alkaline water filter. This device separates incoming water into alkaline and acidic and gives out this treated alkaline water. This process is called electrolysis.

Benefits of Alkaline Water

Now that the water is produced, why should Australians drink this? One of the benefits associated with alkaline water is that it neutralizes the acid produced in the stomach. By doing so, the effects of acidic food can be reduced. Besides the benefits associated with acid-neutralizing, alkaline water is also linked to slowing the aging process, helping weight loss, and giving the body more energy. Some very crucial benefits or claims include preventing chronic diseases like cancer and even aiding with infertility problems.

It might be surprising to note how slightly treated water can prevent or reduce the effects of such more significant issues. This only seems to reiterate that lifestyle changes are the best medicine for problems. Drinking alkaline water can be such a lifestyle change for better health and better odds at diseases.

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