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A wedding planner is a unique career choice with a low to moderate level of competition. Your work will be exciting and versatile. It is considered to be a highly rewarding career. Even though in the pandemic, people used to host a virtual event.

There will see no downfall in job opportunities. As people never stop getting married, everybody loves to celebrate their anniversary throughout the year.

But similar to other careers, you also require training and certification in the event management industry. If you are a creative person, don’t like to join boring 9 to 5 jobs, then event management is an excellent option for you because the job role is versatile, not monotonous. There are some key elements for a traditional wedding; it varies from culture to culture. That makes a wedding very special.

How much do wedding planners make?

Before choosing to be a wedding planner, the common question comes from the candidate “How much a wedding planner makes per wedding.” It is an obvious query because you want to make a future on that. Being an aspiring wedding planner, how much you can earn from a wedding depends on more than a single element.

But we can give you an idea: $44,000 per year on average, or $3200 per wedding on average.

If you want briefly, the salary of the wedding planner depends on location, experience, and involvement.


Location-wise, the payment will vary. In some regions of the country cost more than other parts of the country. Like if you work in a metropolitan city, you will get more payment. If you are work in an urban area, the payment will be decent. But in rural or village areas, you won’t expect much. Once you establish your name in the local market, you will get more contracts.

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Your skill and education are the determining factors of your payment. The client will be willing to pay if you can show the portfolio of your service. So, we would suggest you make a professional portfolio by arranging events with low margins. If you belong to a similar field like interior design or hospitality, floral design will come into your portfolio. So don’t overlook your initial work and put effort into making a versatile experience. Experience will help you to increase your price tag.

If you attend any certified wedding planner school, the story will be the same; after certification, you need to do some demo work to gain practical experience and update your portfolio. Your clients begin to make business relationships with you. If you gain their trust and meet their expectation, you can grow gradually

It is evident that higher price tag must be treated with a good amount of responsibility. It is simple business ethics you must remember,


Now wedding planners have multiple sources of income to supplement their rates. Some additional income includes floral services, designing printed materials, rental of linens, tables, chairs, decors, and tents—honeymoon planning, destination wedding, making travel arrangements for guests, dinner planning.

Judgemental clients prefer to hire an experienced event management team. So it would help if you tried to be a part of a professional event management team to gather experience and actively participate in different parts of the work. However, you can provide additional services. These are the paid add-ons.

Should you become a wedding planner?

  • If you have listening and understanding ability. Being a wedding planner, you have to listen and understand the basic criteria of your clients.
  • Understanding of cultural diversity. As you are going to work with a different religion. It would help if you understood the basics of their culture and associated emotions. This virtue makes you unique and noticeable to clients
  • Goal setting and achieving ability. As you are taking accountability for others’ special days, you have to be a committed person. As you know, a single wrong step may create a blunder, and that can spoil your reputation in the market
  • Enthusiast for emotional events
  • A visionary outlook. After communication with clients, you have to develop a vision in your mind. A proactive outlook helps you to take actions step by step
  • Flexible
  • Be a negotiator
  • Sceptical with details
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Final thought:

If you want to be a wedding planner, you must be an accountable person because you take responsibility for others’ grand occasions. Everyone wants to spend their special day without a headache, and you are taking all of the duties to make their special day memorable. So, you have to be a sincere person, stick to be your schedule and commitment. But in this pandemic situation, you can also take responsibility for virtual events. However, the wedding is not going to be virtual. But corporate events like conferences, meetings, exhibitions, social events are organized virtually. To conduct a virtual event, you need to be a tech-savvy person with high-quality internet connection.

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