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Public health is the branch of medicine dealing with public health. If you’re reading this, you might already have an idea of what EMR is and how it helps in making medical specialties easy. Public health covers many conditions and problems and thus, it needs software that can make the tasks simple. Public Health EMR Software is a software that helps people in this field with their work, make the tasks simple, increase efficiency and productivity of the workplace. To understand which EMR software is best for public health we need to look at the features that Software Finder is supposed to have.


While you can get Public health EMR Software demo and figure out which software suits you best, to see if the software will be good for your organization in the long run, you need to look at the features that it offers. Patient scheduling, Patient portal, Patients’ history, E-prescriptions, Medical Billing Dashboards, and order entry are some of the Public Health EMR Software features that are important for this field. The patient portal includes a lot of information and tools. It has all the Lab results, educational material, Medication, Allergies, etc which saves a lot of time as they can be accessed anything with just a click. All the history of the patient, the treatments that he has gotten and everything else is also a click away. All the mentioned features increase the efficiency of the workplace rapidly and make the environment more productive. Now that we have a basic understanding of what features a public health EMR Software should have, Let’s find out what are the top three EHR Software for public health.

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Top Three EHR Software for Public Health


Athenahealth EMR was founded in 1997 and has formed a platform of thousands and thousands of healthcare providers. It caters to many doctors in different fields but it is perfect for Public Health. It is a cloud-based EMR software that has all the right features to help a public health doctor with his tasks. Athenahealth EHR is a highly intuitive and smart software that helps with faster documentation, increases efficiency, and does all the tasks automatically with no errors. If you want to invest in a good Public health EMR software, you should consider athenahealth EHR Software. 



PrognoCIS is a cloud-based software that was founded 18 years ago and is considered among the best EHR software for many specialties especially Public Health. Specialty specific medical templates, Revenue cycle management, Patient portal, billing services, Electronic prescriptions are some of the outstanding features that PrognoCIS offers its customers. These features help get done with work faster and the accuracy level of the work is very high. The chance of errors is eliminated and the work is done super efficiently. Anyone in this particular field will benefit from this software in the long run. This software is recommended by many healthcare providers. It is a very smart software and is one of the best Public Health EHR Software out there. 


Drchrono is an outstanding software that was found in 2009 and is catering to a great number of doctors and patients. It has a very modern and intuitive design that helps with keeping the workflow streamlined. Some of its great features include electronic prescriptions, lab orders, medical speech to text, patient portal, draw on photo and diagram, and customized medical forms. All these amazing features help in increasing clinical efficiency rapidly. Public health doctors can benefit a lot from this software as it gets their tasks done for them super fast and with zero errors. Anyone who is looking for a good Public health EHR Software should consider drchrono as it’s one of the best software for this particular specialty. 

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You can always look for Public Health EMR software reviews on Public Health EMR Software to make your decision easy. The above mentioned EHR Software are our top three EHR software for public health and we would recommend you to invest in any one of these if you want to install a good Public Health EMR Software.

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