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Why You Need an EHR Software

These days EHR software is pretty much a necessity by law. This is because most states mandate this for medical practices. These days EHR software is not just for carrying and maintaining patient records but can do a myriad of things. These days this EHR software can do it all; from helping with billing to allowing you to make patient charting much simpler. We suggest that you choose an EHR that will suit your needs best. Whether this is Sammy EHR or prognosis EHR; we can perhaps help you. In this piece, we will suggest EHR which is not as well known as other software but have features that are just as great. If that intrigues you then keep reading!

Five EHR for Small Practices

Practice Fusion EHR

Practice Fusion is a very popular EHR software that has a myriad of great features which make it so popular for users. The software has a great scheduling feature, which allows you to schedule as many patients in a day. This means you are able to make the most out of everything considering you can schedule a maximum number of patients in a day. This helps you to increase your revenue considerably as well since you are seeing more patients in a day than you were able to before. The software also has a charting feature that allows you to chart data during a patient appointment so much easier than before. This also helps you to make patient appointments shorter as well.

Sammy EHR

Sammy EHR is a very popular EHR which we suggest to you. This software is not as well known as other software out there but it definitely is just as good in terms of features. Sammy EHR has a great billing feature that somewhat automates the billing process for you hence human errors are significantly reduced which allows you to increase the instances of your bills being reimbursed much sooner. Sammy EHR also has a great template feature that helps you to choose a template that will be more suitable for your needs. You are also able to customize the template however you choose. This helps you make things so much easier since you can use the template of your choosing.

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After Sammy EHR, we have PrognoCIS EHR which is a great EHR software. The software has a great interoperability feature that lets you access data from other practices on the same network so that you can make better clinical decisions and treatment plans. This will help you out specifically if you are a small practice with limited resources. The software also has great billing software which sends you and your patients reminders about unpaid bills which helps you to make sure your bills are reimbursed and allows you to keep on top of things. This is a very important feature since making sure you are receiving revenue at your medical practice is paramount to your long-term success!

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The CureMD EHR software is not as well known and does not have too many user reviews available for it online but the reviews that are there are wonderful. The software has a great charting feature that helps you to chart patient data in no time at all. This feature helps you input data much faster and hence makes patient appointments significantly shorter. The software has an e-prescription feature which also helps you. The feature lets you make electronic prescriptions and directly send them to whatever pharmacy is most convenient for your patient. This lets you make things as convenient as possible for you and your patients. This helps you reduce the time between making a prescription and a patient starting the medication.

DrChrono EHR

The last software on our list of little-known software is DrChrono EHR. The software has a claims feature that automates a majority of the claims filing process. This feature helps you automatically fill claims which helps you reduce the number of errors in your claims and hence get your claims reimbursed not only more often but also much sooner than before! The software also has a great staff accounts feature which lets you make accounts for all your staff and hence allows for internal communication amongst staff and hence helps you to make things easier for yourself.

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Which EHR Should you Invest in

If you are thinking about which software would be a good choice for you then perhaps we can help you come to a conclusion rather than giving you one answer. We suggest you read about the features of this software and choose the software which will be the best choice for you. This helps you to make things so much easier since you will be able to choose software that will cater to your needs in particular. Whether this is Sammy EHR or CureMD; we are sure you will end up choosing software that will be the best possible option for you.

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