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Advertisements play a crucial role in directing customers to your website. There are instances where the customers do not purchase any even if they are driven to your website. Statistics say that 97% of the customers leave a website without any purchase. Ecommerce website development focuses on search retargeting these days to improve sales.

Can rightly curb this aspect with the help of search retargeting. Of course, many might confuse the terminology with remarketing. But they both are pretty different from one another. This article will not only help you to identify the difference between remarketing and retargeting, but it also helps you know how it exactly works.

What is Search Retargeting?

Search retargeting is one of the best e-commerce development solutions that help customers buy the product that they search for. Of course, remarketing does the same. The tactic used here is pretty different from the traditional cookies’ way of remarketing.

Retargeting helps display the advertisements to the customers for the specific product they search for. Say, for example, if a customer is searching for a Teak Wood Chair. They do it through a Google search. This search history is triggered to display suitable advertisements so that the customer can purchase the same.

The technique that uses the customers’ search history to display Ads is called search retargeting.

The difference between Retargeting and Remarketing

Remarketing drives customers to your website as they search for a product or a service through google. The google search results will give your website the preference based on the ranking and display the results. The customer can click on the website and check for the product.

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Retargeting, on the other hand, is a specific product or service-based approach. The customer searches with specificity, and the Ads are retargeted to the customer based on the search aspect.

Remarketing is used to target the customer who has visited the website earlier. But retargeting might not have done any business with you before. Site remarketing uses the paid ads to increase the ranking of the Google search results.

Search Retargeting – When to Use it?

Search retargeting is the best long-term digital marketing strategy an organization can use to improve brand image and sales. This column helps you understand when to use this technique.

  1. If your website gets a monthly visitor count of 100, then retargeting shall be of greater use.
  2. If you are planning to target the best sellers to the customers
  3. New collections from your online store can reach many customers as they search online for the products.
  4. The slow-moving products can be targeted to the right customers for an increase in profit margin.
  5. You can build brand awareness through search retargeting.

Technical Aspects of Search Retargeting

Google Display Network is used in search retargeting as the customer searches for a specific product or a service through Google. They might receive numerous Ads specifically about the product while they read an article, listen to music online or browse through the website for any reason. It helps your product get sold as the Ads are sent to customers interested in purchasing the product.

Steps to Set Up Google Search Retargeting

It is the best digital marketing technique that helps target the right customers for your product or service. Of course, you need to get the elements suitable to gain fruitful results. This column deals explicitly with the steps you must follow to set up the retargeting campaign for your customers.

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Select the Right Keywords

It is the fundamental step to set up search retargeting. You must select the keywords in a way that matches the products you have. At the same time, it must be linked with suitable Ads to display to the customer later in time. Experts suggest choosing the keywords that are relevant to the Ads. As such, you will certainly not select a toothpaste keyword for the shaving cream you sell. Professionals recommend choosing long keywords against shorter ones. As the customer search criteria can match with the words present in the keyword you select.

Create Delectable Advertisements

With the first step completed, it is essential to create attractive Advertisements. The Ads must make the customer purchase the product or the service you offer. It is of definite news that the customer has searched for the product that you sell. The advertisement must be attractive enough for them to make the purchase decision. The visually compelling Ads are more suitable in this regard. Moreover, video Ads are best preferred with the trend that follows this year.

Analyse and monitor the results

You should not stop the setting of the retargeting campaign. Involve specific monitoring aspects. You must know how the keywords work. How many customers have visited your website after the campaign is set? Compare the keyword usage and the outcome achieved. It will help you make informed decisions on the keywords and the type of Ads you must make to attract customers.

Further, Google Ads has a lot of metrics like

  1. CTR – Click Through Rate
  2. CR – Conversion Rate
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These metrics can help identify the underperforming keywords or even the Ads. One must understand that search retargeting is just one technique.

You can combine it with other tactics involved in your marketing strategy. You can drive traffic to your website through an email, a Facebook, or an Instagram Ad based on the customer search history.

It is the interest that the customer has shown by searching online. Such claims shall have a definite purpose.

This purpose can be easily satisfied by the best purchase solution, which you can do through high-performing Ads. The best part about search retargeting is, it is less expensive compared to the site remarketing technique. Keep your brand at the top of your customer’s minds with the help of search retargeting. It is a definite increase in your ROI too.


Now that you know how retargeting works, you must make sure that you follow these steps to make it work, and it will be perfect for you to get help through the retargeting process.

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