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What happens if you stop doing SEO?

A popular question we hear from new clients is “how long can we need to do SEO?” and “When we stop SEO?”

If you stop doing SEO, you’ll slowly start seeing lower rankings in search results. Over time, this can cause less organic traffic to your website and less visibility. Your rankings will still decline until you employ SEO strategies to extend them again.

As an SEO expert,Isuggest to my clients that “we would like to figure with you for the lifetime of your business”. So my answer on how long you’ve got to try to do SEO is forever or until you shut your business. Whatever happens first.

So, next time when your client recommends you require an opportunity from SEO, explain the subsequent consequences which may follow with such a choice.

Stop posting content correctly

When you stop publishing content, the subsequent things happen:

You stop targeting new terms consistently.

You stop creating new pages which will be linked to, and therefore the number of links you earn goes down.

You stop capturing new visitors to feature to your remarketing audiences, email list and push notification list.

You stop generating content that won’t create hub pages, which are master pages that link to all or any other pages on the subject. These often rank alright.

You stop encouraging people to return to your website for brand spanking new posts. That can reduce your product searches, which are an indicator of quality to Google.

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Overall, if you stop creating content, it says to Google that your website is not any longer as active because it was and thus beginning the method of dying a slow death.

The Competition Doesn’t Stop

SEO has become a widespread practice that each successful business invests in. The foremost successful SEO campaigns learn from their competitors and adapt accordingly. If your domain dominates the SERPs (Search Engine Rank Page), then it is understood that your competitors are closely watching your every move, and trying to return up with new and innovative strategies to move ahead of you in SERP. Once you stop SEO services, you give your competitors the chance to overtake you.

You Missed Some Technical Risks

A discontinued SEO campaign means that you’re not listening to potential risks or problems together with your SEO. If you don’t attend to those issues, you’ll potentially miss out on leads and sales for your business.

Some potential risks include:

Technical SEO issues that go unnoticed: Sometimes, things break on an internet site. If you’ve got a discontinued SEO campaign, you would possibly miss some technical SEO issues that arise, like a misconfigured text file or broken links.

Harmful links: It’s important to stay an eye fixed on your backlink profile to make sure you don’t have too many low-quality links to your site. If tons of spammy sites link to yours, Google might imagine your site is spammy too. You would like to regularly disallow these links, or they will hurt your SEO.

Stolen content: Sometimes, people take others’ content online and use it as their own. If someone copies your content onto their site, you’ll get penalized for having duplicate content, leading to lower rankings. To guard your rankings, you would like to regularly check for stolen content.

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Stop Building New Pages Affects:

If you stop adding new pages to your website, you would probably lose the keyword growth.

I highly recommend creating these pages for SEO, but additionally, these new pages are often excellent landing pages for paid search and paid media, generally.

As an internet site grows, it’s an excellent idea to make more landing pages that focus on specific keywords and audiences. This may improve the site’s quality score on the page side and conversion rates all around.

If you stop this process, you’ll lose the advantage over your competitors. The people who win within the way forward for the online are going to be those converting traffic.


You must understand that there’s no got to halt your efforts in context to the SEO. By now, I hope that you simply have learned how crucial it’s to impact your business’s growth if used consistently. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got hired an SEO agency or counting on a DIY approach; once you stop doing SEO, you drop your rankings, website traffic, and there’s no looking back. So, take SEO as a business necessity and consider it to be a daily part of your business expenses.

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Shabbir Ahmad is a freelance enthusiastic blogger & SEO expert. He is the founder of Shifted Magazine & Shifted News. He contributes to many authority blogs including porch, hackernoon & techcrunch.

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