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The organizations focus on online presence for enhanced business prospects. While creating a website is the first step towards that, driving traffic to the website matters the most. In fact, only when you have users visiting your site, there is indeed a purpose solved for the tasks underwent in creating the website. WordPress offers delectable themes for you to create high performing websites. At the same time, there are SEO plugins that shall help increase traffic too. You can incorporate these plugins to have the goal achieved in attaining a maximum customer base in a certain period.

There are numerous WordPress SEO plugins available. Using more than one can cause SEO conflict too. Moreover, it is of no use in utilizing multiple plugins for this purpose. At the same time, selecting one among the numerous plugins can be a challenge too. This article shall give you a list of incredible SEO plugins which you can use to increase customer reach.

Please Note: Each SEO plugin is different and serves similar functionalities. However, you can select the one that suits your requirement.

Top WordPress SEO plugin To Increase Search Engine Rating

Ideally, SEO friendly websites are made to increase the rank of your website when the users search for a similar product or service on their search engine. Optimizing your website for SEO becomes an inevitable task to add value to your website and thereby increase the customer base.


AIOSEO is the most trusted WordPress SEO plugin used by more than 20 Lakh people worldwide. This plugin is indeed comprehensive that increases the search engine ranking of your website. AIO SEO comes with a set-up wizard, which is easy to use. The set-up wizard shall give you the right SEO settings for your business. In fact, it does page analysis and optimizes your posts as well as the contents.

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The plugin also offers social media integration. That means to say, as you share the website you can choose the image that must be displayed on the shared information. The search engine visibility can be set automatically and does not require any manual intervention later.

Further, AISEO is renowned for its Online store optimization process. It has SEO tools for WooCommerce that shall help boost your sales too. This helps in optimizing the page, product or even the specific elements of sale too. This helps in building organic traffic to your website.


It is accepted by all that SEMRush is the best SEO tool with WordPress. It is widely used by professionals and expert bloggers to increase web traffic. It has incredible tools that improve the search engine ranking the best way. SEMRush helps in identifying the search items and usually used keywords for you to rank for. You can also see the keywords used by your competitor too. This competitive research makes SEMRush the best SEO plugin as it makes informed decisions at the back end.

SEMRush also has a writing assistant tool. It helps you to write the content the way it is required for SEO purposes. You can indeed get inside the top 10 search results as a user searches for similar items on the web. You can write SEO friendly content with the help of SEMRush.

Google Search Console

It is a free tool offered by Google. You can use the Google Search Console and monitor the performance and presence of your website. You can indeed find the ranking in the Google search results. While the other two plugins help in increasing the traffic to your website, the Google Search console solely works on monitoring the website performance altogether.

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Basically, Google Business Listings helps your website get search results. That means to say, Google validates your information on the website and checks with other sources. If there is a mismatch or inauthentic information available, then Google shall automatically close doors in the search results. Using the Google search console, you can get to see such information and such audit must be done at regular intervals. If there is a mismatch or if Google cannot crawl in the web pages or the index, then it shall trigger for specific action.

It also shows the Keyword ranking and the keywords that help the most for your search results to be the best. The tool gives critical information and tips on fixing crawling errors too.

Yoast SEO

This is one of the most popular SEO plugins for WordPress websites. It has a good reputation among the experts in terms of search engine ranking. Yoast SEO helps add SEO descriptions and titles to all the posts as well as pages on your website. The best part is, Yoast SEO automatically generates an XML sitemap for all your website content. Even if you are using a different SEO plugin, Yoast SEO helps you import the data for analysis too.

Google Keyword Planner

The critical aspect of digital marketing is to choose the right keyword for your business. This is the tool that can help generate Keywords from Google itself. You must realize that Google is the only entity to know what the users are searching for. Google Keyword Planner helps you to know the range of keywords and this being a free tool, you can use it to the maximum. Businesses use this tool to purchase effective keywords.


You can search for keywords with high search volume and set the website for maximum traffic. This not only helps your website to be ranked higher but also outranks your competitors too.

Creating a website is on the one side and using the right SEO tool is on the other. Eventually, you need users to visit your site and then become customers. The challenge lies in the initial step. However, WordPress SEO plugins shall solve this challenge all by themselves. But, you must require WordPress Development Company in USA that focusing on relevant content that must be available on the website for further course of action.

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