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This clearly means that you are looking for a Persian cat to bring to your home. Well, no doubt that Persians are one of the most demanding breeds worldwide. But what makes them so demanding? Well, Persian cats are one of those unique breeds that have coveted the luxurious, long coats and their round face with gentle temperament adds to their features.

No denial that when you compare the price of this breed to others, it will simply override other breeds. No wonder that their cute face and luxurious coats compel the owners to buy these felines. Their glossy and gorgeous coats add to their popularity. But what adds to their growing costs?

What are some of the most common factors that add to its price?

  • Location: You must know that Persian cats come with a huge price tag. However, if you buy from a rural area, you might find them at a cheaper price tag. Places that have greater demand for this feline breed will always have an expensive price tag. If you are in Delhi and looking for Persian cats for sale near me, you can find Persians at competitive prices with Mummy Cat.
  • Type: Even when a Persian cat is one breed, you must know that this breed has two distinct types in the market that you can choose. One is the doll-face, and another is the show face one. Show face consists of small ears, squished noses, flat face with big eyes and the doll face has a round face with standard snouts. Depending on the demand of the felines in your area, you can actually get an estimate of the price range. Therefore first you must know what you want and next you should find out the demand and check the price.
  • Lineage: Persian cats who have certified parents will definitely come with a great price. This becomes even pricier if the parents have been certified and have won numerous awards. In such a case, you have to start preparing for selling out even more.
  • Coat and color: Persian cats are available in a range of colors and coats. While most of them have a great and luxurious coat which is inevitable, the color can differ a lot. You can choose a color of your choice but prepare to shell out even more, when you are planning to buy a rare and demanding color. Mummy Cat offers white persian cat for sale that you can choose if you are looking for such a color. Despite being in demand, you can still expect to get it at a reasonable price.
  • Gender: A Persian cat is definitely in demand, but the price can vary depending on the gender. If you want to buy a male, you can expect to get them at a lesser price compared to the female. Since the females can reproduce, they are available at a reasonable price.
  • Age: No doubt that the Persian cats are much more expensive compared to the other breeds, but this depends on their age as well. If you think that the adult Persians are available at a higher price, you are wrong as the kittens are more expensive than adults; owners mostly look for kittens to find these little ones to grow up in front of their eyes.
  • Breeder: This is one of the most common aspects that can alter the price. If you are looking for the persian cat for sale in Delhi, you might find a range of names. But prepare to do in-depth research for the breeder that offers Persian cats at a competitive price. However, you must keep in mind it takes a lot to maintain these breeds which can add up to the price.
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Looking for a Persian cat for sale?

Well, now that you have known the reasons that generally add up to the price of a Persian cat, you must start searching. Even when these are just the reasons that add to the price of the Persian cat, you must know that their grooming and vet consultation will keep up adding for perfect maintenance.

Check with Mummy Cat today if you want a quality Persian cat for sale.

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