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With time engineered wood furniture has become popular in Indian homes. But how many of us know what exactly is engineered wood and the advantages over solid wood furniture. First, let’s understand engineered wood. It is manmade wood or a derivative wood product manufactured by binding or fixing the strands and particles with the help of adhesives and other methods to form composite materials. It is also known as composite wood, manufactured board, or manufactured composite wood. 

However, the primary material used for manufacturing remains the same hardwood or softwood. You will find all types of furniture like King size bed, table, chair, side tables, shoe cabinets, etc. in engineered wood. In this article, we will discuss different types of engineered wood and its advantages.

There are several varieties of engineered woods available in the market like plywood, particleboard, MDF board, and blockboard. You may choose the wood based on the location of use, purpose, and budget.

Plywood is considered as the original engineered wood by many people. It is manufactured by cross-laminating the veneer sheets and bonding them with moisture-resistant adhesives under pressure and heat. Plywood is the most versatile engineered wood used in the interior, exterior, and structural applications like bed frames and panelling. It has uniform strength and available in a larger size than solid wood. It is economical and comparatively expensive than particle boards and blockboards. You will get plywood in different thicknesses and qualities thus varying in price.

Similarly, there are certain areas of the furniture industry where MDF performs better than hardwood opine experts from Wakefit. The special features of their engineered wood bed with storage made from a combination of engineered wood with MDS board. MDF does not expand or contract vertically or horizontally hence it is best suited for situations like high fluctuations in temperature and humidity. To list out some of the advantages of engineered wood are:

  • They are very versatile and can be designed to meet specific requirements.
  • They are available in a wide range of thickness
  • It is flexible to work using normal tools
  • Compared to solid hardwood, it can be easily cut, drilled, joined, routed, glued, and fastened. 
  • Finally, it is more pocket-friendly means very affordable and cost-effective compared to solid wood.
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Why is it Important to have an Engineered Wood Bed with Storage at Home?

We generally gather many items like clothing, accessories, personal stuff, magazines, and books to store in our bedroom. If these are not stored in an organized way your bedroom will be fully messed up. So the only way to avoid clutter and improve home décor is by having appropriate storage options like shelves, chests, and drawers. What if you have only limited space in your home that you cannot accommodate extra furniture? A storage bed is the right solution for this as the bed is the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom and occupies maximum space. Therefore making use of this under-bed space in an efficient to store things will help you de-clutter and make your home more attractive. In bed, you will have the following options based on the location of use:

  • Ottoman storage bed for kid’s room- It has a hydraulic lifting system that makes it easy to lift and store anything that is not needed on daily basis.
  • Devan storage bed for living room or guest room – It is usually with drawers which is easy to handle.
  • King-sized storage bed for master bedroom – This comes either with drawers or hydraulic lifting and you can store seasonal clothing, pillows, and other bedding accessories inside this.

Advantages of having Engineered Storage Beds

In the modern world, storage beds are often chosen over normal beds for the following benefits. Be it from solid wood or engineered wood. The goal is very clear.

  • It enhances your room décor. Since the bed is the main furniture in a bedroom, incorporating a nice wooden or engineered wood bed with storage will be an instant touch of elegance and royalty to your bedroom.
  • It acts as an organized closet. This can be an easily accessible wardrobe for your seasonal clothes and footwear. This way your living area will be more organized and can be used for purposes other than storage. 
  • It enhances the stability of the bed by providing a strong foundation. It also provides firm floor support so that it can bear heavyweight. 
  • It enhances easier and better cleaning. Even the stored materials remain clean and tidy. It acts as hidden storage. Also, storage beds are the best and efficient space utilizer and help reduce additional furniture costs for storage purposes.
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Having said that, now you know why you should prefer an engineered wood storage bed for your home interior. Just like how you search for the best mattress brand in India, you may also search for the best brands in engineered wood furniture and do your research to get satisfying results before you shop for your new home. We are sure that the above-mentioned points will help you find the best-engineered wood for customizing your furniture designs.

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