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Riding a motorcycle is not like child’s play. Many countries abide by the law of safety gears where you can land in jail if you are not having them. If your town has happy merry-go souls even then following the safety rules must be our first priority.

Why people should wear safety gear?

Many accidents may leave people uninjured while the consequences of some are deadly. That is where safety gears come in. All riders should wear helmets, gloves, boots, and leather jackets as these outfits turn the impact towards them, thereby resulting in fewer fatal injuries.

Can protective riding gear save your life?

Defensive riding might save lives but protective gear provides mandatory protection from debris, insects, and bad weather. According to a recent survey riders without helmets are more likely to die so wearing high-quality riding gear is a must. Let’s scroll down and see what kind of safety gear is important for riders.


The single most effective key to reducing head injuries is to wear helmets. Many good quality helmets provide a cushion to the head upon falling hence saving the brain. The best helmet sits well at the top of the head and chin. There are three types of helmets; Full face helmet, 3/4 helmet, and half face helmet.

How tight should a motorcycle helmet be?

The front edge should sit with the front edge one inch or less above your eyebrows. The snug fit should protect the forehead. Comfort and freedom to move the neck are cardinal.

Which type of helmet is better?

The salient feature to look at in helmets is the safety chin bar. It protects from potential impacts by saving the nose, cheeks, eyes, and chin. Full face helmets offer extra coverage and are considered the safest type of all.

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Leather jacket:

The perfect combination of a leather jacket with jeans will give a captivating look. Riders go a long way from state to state while others ride for fame playing dangerous stunts. It transmits a bad boy vibe appealing to toughness and confidence. Let’s see which leather jackets are common and their qualities.

Which jacket to buy? Textile or leather?

It is simply coherent that textile leather jackets purely offer fashion. It is thinner, lightweight, and less durable hence it is not a good choice for dangerous tasks. On the other hand, biker jackets are durable and thick. The vast range of crafty exquisite leather jackets is available worldwide so spare a few dollars, and buy the stylish one with pure material.

What are the best qualities of a leather motorcycle jacket?

Leather jackets for women or men affixed with good layers of lining and heavy leather are best. Zippers, pockets, and added padding are extra features to look out for.

A thickness of 1.3 mm is sufficient. Other thicker jackets such as 1.5 mm-2mm are specially designed for racing purposes. The thickness makes it extra durable so look out for stated features while shopping. The leather jacket should not be loose more than 3 inches for a seemingly good fit.

Is the leather motorcycle jacket waterproof?

All real leather jackets are not 100% waterproof. Although repellent by nature, they can shrink, become harder and even get wet. Upon requirement, application of lotions and conditioners increases but it is not recommended for such an expensive piece of attire.

Leather Gloves

All riders know the importance of leather gloves. Let us discuss the importance of wearing gloves.

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Your riding experience will enhance by a firm grip on handlebars. They also keep hands warm.


Gloves offer wrist protection and mitigate all impacts to specific areas saving other body parts.


Safety footwear protects you from slips and falls. Many people wear boots for style but they offer functionality too. For riders who opt for long journeys and long holidays, a good pair of boots is essential. Comfortable boots made out of pure leather are always ready for a kick ride. Moreover, it keeps feet warm and supple in all weather conditions.

Are motorcycle boots necessary?

Your ankle needs protection too! They aid in body support and stability correcting your gait and posture while riding. Shoes with thin soles damage your feet so must keep an extra pair in baggage when planning for a trip. A good five to eight inches is enough for a perfect fit.

Which material is good for boots?

A sturdy pair of boots serves well. They are difficult to puncture. Leather boots are a prime example of such type. Look for a high-quality brand that is flexible and covers the ankle.


Eyes need protection in all weathers else a crash is inevitable. It is important for all riders but first check helmets as many features with tinted glass to avoid sunlight. Thanks to technology, many glasses come with night vision. They allow the rider to see clearly.

Hence, it is recommended to every person to must keep these essential items with you. Was this guide helpful for you? If yes, please keep sharing with your friends.