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SEO is not only important for the financial industry, it is important for every segment of the industry. But today we will talk about the 10 useful SEO marketing strategies for the financial industry. Financial services providing companies always hire the best SEO services company. But most of them fail to get the desired results, so in such situations, they try to manage it on their own. It becomes more difficult for them to handle the SEO on their own. 

But today we are here with the top SEO marketing strategies specially drafted for the financial industry. These SEO strategies are mostly used by every best SEO services company. So let’s start knowing more about these strategies. 

#1. Research About Audience

Most financial organizations make a big mistake here, they try to implement SEO strategies made for the general audience. But keep in mind that the financial industry always has a specific audience, you must research more to find the right target audience. The rest of the SEO strategies will depend upon your target audience. You can’t succeed without the right target audience. 

#2. Define Your Goals

What is your goal? Why do you want to hire the best SEO services company? There will be no success for you if you go without defining your goals. You must define the goals for you. Because goals will help you pick the right SEO strategy for your finance company.

Only Traffic

Some online finance companies or websites are just looking for traffic. If you are also working with such a goal, then it will be good to choose the high optimization. Because it will be necessary for you to always rank higher. 

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selling a financial service is your goal? If this is the business goal for you, then you must adopt an SEO strategy accordingly. These services can be like accounting, audits, consultation, etc. 


The third common business goal for a financial company is to sell a financial product. A financial product can be insurance, brokerage, investment, or trading scheme or product.

#3. Industry-Specific Keywords

Always try to research deeper about the keywords. Which keywords do you need in actual? Whether industry-specific or keywords focused on other factors? 

Smart Keywords

If you hire the best SEO services company, the SEO experts of such companies will ask you what keywords you want. Get smart keywords to rank higher. Keywords will be smart if they are targeted particularly for an industry, a product, or deeper. 

Local Keywords

Also, you can get local keywords in your keywords to the spreadsheet. You can make separate pages on your website to target location-specific keywords.

#4. Start Optimizing From the First Step

Is your website still under development? Then it is the right time to start optimizing it, you must optimize it from day 1. Never think that you will do it after development.

#5. Sell Less & Consult More

You must have to sound like a consultant rather than a seller. It will change the psychology of all of your visitors and only the best SEO services company will tell you about it. No matter if you have to sell a financial product, you have to sound like a consultant. 

Write Regular Posts

Write regular posts on your blog or website with well-researched stats. These posts can be like how-tos, tutorials, and guides people. These posts elaborate more on financial solutions and techniques. 

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Explain Via Visuals

The best SEO services company knows the value of visuals. Rather than just using text, you should also use visuals like infographics, videos, and images. Try to explain complex financial things simply.

#6. Physical Location

Your location is very important for all visitors or customers. There are two reasons, the first is authenticity and the second is Google Ranking. List your business in Google My Business and Google Maps. Also, mention your physical address on the About Us and Contact Us pages of your website. 

#7. Follow Lead Generation Funnel

Never be in a hurry and always try to follow the lead generation funnel. Firstly, consult and aware people then apply conversion tactics. Don’t just start selling products. The best SEO services company always try to use the proper lead generation funnel for sales. 

#8. Mobile-Friendly Website

Most of the visitors will be mobile users, so getting your website mobile optimized is important. If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website then you will lose potential visitors. It won’t be possible for any best SEO services company to rank your site higher. 

#9. Social Media

Social media works as the best assisting tool for search engine optimization. As a finance company, you will find a huge target audience on social media. You can target them with the official social media accounts of your business. 

Try to write and produce content for your social media handles also. Also, you can share the blog posts, video links on social media as a synopsis. 

#10. Never Forget Basics

What are the basic things for any SEO strategy? No SEO strategy can work without these basic things, these basic things are optimizing titles, page structure, Meta description, etc. Also, maintaining 1-2% keyword density is important. So all of these things are basic SEO tactics. You must follow them along with the above-mentioned SEO techniques. Any best SEO services company will never make such a drastic mistake to forget the basics. 

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Do you think that a finance company can do all the above-mentioned things on its own? Yes, we know that it is not possible. So the best option is to hire the best SEO services company for every financial company. There are many search engine optimization service providers and agencies. 

One can choose the best one according to their business scale, goal, budget, and vision. A good SEO company can provide all these services without any hassle. The best SEO services company will always try to fit into the client’s budget. It will work hard to fulfill all the requirements. 

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Shabbir Ahmad is a freelance enthusiastic blogger & SEO expert. He is the founder of Shifted Magazine & Shifted News. He contributes to many authority blogs including porch, hackernoon & techcrunch.

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