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TikTok is one of the fastest-growing Apps in the World of Social media. It launched in 2016 but recently became more popular. It has high Entertaining Videos that have many possibilities to go viral. Also, it has many famous and trending music that help them attract users all around the world.

Around the world, TikTok has more than 800 million users. TikTok for business was a new platform for advertising on TikTok launched recently. If you get featured on a For You Page, then your brand will quickly become popular. 


Importance of TikTok

The main reasons for having a social media presence for small business are 

  • To get new customers
  • Share your different content with the world
  • To improve your brand awareness 
  • To get more sales
  • Stay first on Trending

The First thing that is very important for a small business owner is to create brand awareness and improve their sales. TikTok has 41% of young users age between 16-24. So you have to keep them in your mind and make contents that you are going to share.

To get featured on TikTok For You Page was the main goal for many businesses and people. It is the first page people see in TikTok when they open it. People scroll this page and find more content through this. If your page also gets featured on this FYP page, your page also gets more likes, comments, and shares. They will help you to develop your page.

One interesting fact is, everyone For You Page is different from others. Contents that stream on For You Page are different for users that depend on their interests. Revealing those contents is customized to its audiences. 

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Here are the five easy tips to get your small business featured on For You Page:

  • Quality Content

Always have good quality content. To create quality content, all you need is a smartphone with the best quality camera. Footage should be sharp with high audible sound effects and attractive descriptions about your brand. These give the best user experience.

  • Music tracks

Tiktok has vast collections of music tracks for users. Use these sound effects to create the best content for your brands with trending music. It will help you get high ranks.

  • Like, Comment, Share

These are the three essential things that make your content popular. In case you perceive that your engagement is less, opt to buy TikTok followers to drive more fame for your content. Comments are more important than likes. People will trust your brand by reading the words in the comment box. If you are a small business marketer, you didn’t have that much of an audience for giving comments. In that case, you can also buy TikTok comments for your content. The maximum number of shares you get your content will spread across the world.

  • Collaborate with your influencers

Find influencers related to your brand and ask them if they are ready to collaborate with you. It is another way of getting popular for your brand. Because they already have many audiences. Your content will share on their page; there will be many chances to grow your page. 

  • Maintain in short

Most of the TikTok videos are in a length of 15 seconds. So most of the content on the platform is short. You will try to give your best within this time. Your videos should be quick and perfect for gaining more audience. 

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Account Settings

Finally, also check the language and country settings. They will create a significant impact while sharing your content. So don’t forget to set them as part of your profile settings.

Shabbir Ahmad

Shabbir Ahmad is a freelance enthusiastic blogger & SEO expert. He is the founder of Shifted Magazine & Shifted News. He contributes to many authority blogs including porch, hackernoon & techcrunch.