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Glasses are fashion, quirky, and, your next things to buy on the shopping list. But, don’t let the infatuation of style and colors of glasses fool you, as it’s no child play to buy prescription glasses online. With thousands of optical jargon thrown around, you’ll be extremely confused with the requirements you came with. You need to know what you want or else, you’ll end up with the wrong prescription and vision problems for the next few months. 

With our 5 steps rule-book, it’s no longer a problem anymore. With the following tips, it’ll be easy to find quality-made yet cheap glass online. Whether you need a prescription or non-prescription glasses, these tips are universally helpful.

1. Determine your style

Your style is an emblem of your personality. Bold or quirky, gigantic or petite, lustrous or matte, what’s your choice when it comes to glasses. Find your style and stick to it to buy an extraordinary pair. According to our style, everyone has one or a combination of these following style types – classic, chic, bohemian, Avant-garde, and whimsical. Identifying and being ensured about your personal choice in frames, helps you to find the one from numerous variations that makes you feel confident. No matter if you are buying reading glasses online or fashionable ones, your style must work on all types of lenses.

2. What’s your face shape?

Round, square, oval, or rectangle – each of our faces is curved into a geometric shape. Knowing your face shape helps to choose a frame style that helps to accentuate and suit your face shape in the best way. For instance, round face shapes must get angular edged frames like square, wayfarer, or Clubmaster. Never opt for the same shape, round frames don’t suit round glasses. Although, the oval frame’s the only one that is lucky enough to suit beautifully with all shapes and designs in frames.

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3. Know your size

We can only tolerate oversized sweatshirts, anything closer than that’s no longer useful. In glasses, never settle for ill-fitting frames. Get them designed to your custom-size to avoid a series of eye problems and irritation. Every pair of frames come with different sizes-small, medium, and large. 

prescription glasses

Your size is determined by your face shape, before you go for a size between 52 -60 mm, calculate your face size to find an accurate pair. Even if you want the latest trend in men or women’s glasses, always buy them if they are your size.

4. What’s your lens type?

Identifying your lens type before you buy prescription glasses is immensely crucial. Apart from knowing if you want varifocals, reading, or blue light glasses, you must know the lens material. For instant, standard single vision glasses come in plastic, which is comfortable and a great fit. But prone to early damage and scratches. If you aren’t in favor of it, you can opt for polycarbonate lenses that are lightweight and scratch-resistant or go for high-index lenses for excellent optical performance, and vision-clarity. 

5. Coatings types you need

All designer women’s and men’s glasses come with a handful of coating options for increasing their performance and protection. You get anti-glare coating for eliminating unwanted glare from your lens surface and allows good light rays to pass to help you see better. While the anti-scratch coating is a powerful layer of sheath put on glasses to prevent any scratch or damage crowding the lens and causing damage. And, anti-glare coating against retinal damage caused by the sun’s UV rays. Depending on your needs and lifestyle, these coatings would upgrade your glasses’ quality and increase their durability.

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