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The modern millionaires is a training program that teaches you and gives you the resources to start a lead flipping business. And just like any other course, you will find people who like it and people who won’t. However, very few reviews actually talk about the contents of the course. Most of them are talking about the cost, upselling efforts, and other similar things.

I will try to keep this review to just one thing and that is the training material.

Do you learn something new?

If you are reading this review and you know about the Modern Millionaires course, I can safely assume that you know a thing or two about online marketing. The problem with so many courses is that you can sign up and find something that was already available for free. For example, an affiliate marketing course or blogging course. People just use the easily available information to create these courses. This is not the case with Modern Millionaires because you will learn a new method i.e. lead flipping.

Is there a system that you can replicate?

It is easy to talk-the-talk but so difficult to walk-the-walk. Some courses will just throw one tip after another but they do not give you the system that you can replicate. For online businesses, these systems are made of resources like tools and templates that you can use to get similar results. If you are just going to read heaps of text, then you can do that for free on the internet. Any premium course that doesn’t give you the complete set is good for nothing. The Modern Millionaires provide you the tips as well as the tools to put that plan into action.    

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Do you get to be a part of the community?

Another big red flag about a course is when there are a lot of success stories given on their website but there’s no community where you can actually communicate with existing members who are doing well. The Modern Millionaires has an active community, which is good.

Are you guaranteed to make six figure or seven figure income?

Almost all of those courses out there will make huge promises, which is a little strange. It is the same with the Modern Millionaire. It is good to know that there are no limits to your success but you shouldn’t be going into any such program with such high expectations. Because, you might end up making five figure income which will still be a big achievement but if you were looking for the highest possible reward, you will start to get disappointed a little too soon.

Is Modern Millionaire legit?

Yes, it is a legit course but it comes with its own challenges. Do not sign up for the course expecting to get rich in a couple of months. It’s not cheap so you need to have a reasonable saving that you can invest into this course. This will also take some time in the beginning so do not consider that you can just buy something like luxury watches and start flipping them for profits. Lead flipping will require you to succeed at lead generation and that will need some work.