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Isn’t it confusing at times to decide about gadgets you wanna buy? Many times you can see people getting confused about laptops and tablets. Obviously, they both are so different in so many ways. Here in this post, Difference between Tablet and Laptop we will try and clear this confusion. Obviously with the same price range, the number of options you can have is unlimited. But still, the main factor to decide which one will be better for you is the work you do.

Basic Difference Table b/w Tablet & Laptop

Laptops Tablets
More powerful. Longer battery life.
Programs typically have more features. Smaller and lighter.
Designed for productivity. Designed for media consumption.
Comes with inbuilt physical key-board  Comes with the onscreen keyboard.
In-built track-pad for the mouse. Only touchscreen.
As compared to tablet low lasting battery life Higher battery life.
Slim card slot not available. Some tablets come with som card slot.
Expensive than a tablet mostly. Less expensive than a laptop.
More features available as compared to tablets. Small in size, so fewer features.


As one of the differences between a laptop and tablet is the size and with the same price, you can have a better tablet than a laptop. But the question is does the tablet suit your needs? Or whatever the range you need to go you can’t work without a laptop. People who are a coder, editor editing videos using high graphics, designer, etc. need a laptop for their work. These people can’t switch to a tablet with their will. But if your work is just surfing the internet, Facebook or other social media uses, playing some games, etc. then obviously you can go for a tablet. Let’s see some positives and negatives of both laptop and tablet to get some clear views on this.

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Laptop V/s Tablet

There are so many options available with a laptop. In tablet first, you have android tablets and other iPads. Now we can even see Hybrid or 2-in-1 laptops. Having so many options makes things complicated for users. So let’s see the difference between laptops and tablets based on some features.

  • Input Methods – You can have more options with a laptop as compared to a tablet. Tablet only works with a touchscreen. As you can even use an external keyboard and mouse, you can easily type for a longer period of time with a laptop.
  • Size – Tablets are smaller than laptops. So why are they easier to carry as compared to laptops? If you see, most tablets weigh around 2 pounds while even the smallest laptop weighs much more than tablets. On the laptop, we get an in-built trackpad and keyboard, which takes up the additional space. Also, in laptops, we have separate cooling components which again adds up the size.
  • Battery Life – Tablets have longer battery life. They are smaller in size and with fewer features as compared to laptops. Laptops come with more powerful hardware which drains a lot of battery. Most of the time with tablets you can easily get a 10-hour battery backup while with laptops you may get battery life up to 4-8 hrs.
  • Storage Capacity – Laptops have more storage obviously. With tablets, you can get 16 to 128 GB of storage. While these days almost every laptop comes with at least 500GB of storage. You can add external storage to your laptop or tablets using features like USB ports or microSD cards.
  • Performance – For small tasks, you can even use a tablet. things start getting worse when you need to work on demanding tasks where you need to go for multitasking or graphics use. 
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Why get confused about whether to buy a laptop or a tablet? First of all, don’t get confused b/w tablets and iPads. iPads are tablets manufactured by Apple like the smartphone they manufacture is known as the iPhone. While deciding on a tablet or a laptop, you must start with your requirements. First list all your requirements and then you are good to go. You can go for a tablet if you just have basic work, or you are in school & colleges, etc. For job and other purposes, you must go for a laptop.


  1. Laptop and tablet, both are easily portable. But for a laptop, you have a physical keyboard like mouse pad while with tablets you have a touchscreen option only.
  2. Tablets are smaller, thinner, and lighter than the laptops.
  3. Laptops have trackpads for a mouse while tablets only have touchscreen options.
  4. Tablets have longer battery life as compared to laptops. This is because tablets are smaller in size.
  5. Laptops do not have a slot for a sim card while some tablets may have.
  6. Tablets don’t have CD or DVD ROM. 

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