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A high conversion rate on PPC or pay per click is like a dream for any adviser. It means you convert many website visitors into your buyer. If we take an example of a high conversion rate then a 10% conversion rate could be a dream for anyone. Let’s make these numbers a little bit simpler. If 100 people visit your website after clicking your PPC ads, and from all of them, at least 10 people buy your product. It means you hit the 10% conversion rate on your PPC. Sometimes people make more than 10%. But if you targeting at least 2 or 3% then that might be good in many situations. But let’s explore more how you can increase your conversion rate. 

What are the factors that affect the PPC conversion rate: 

There are many factors are available that specifically affect a PPC ads’ conversion rate. Such as targeting the right keywords, landing page,  ad copy, navigational direction. These are some very common that can affect your PPC ads. Such as wrong or negative keywords can easily increase your CPC budget. 

Keywords effects: targeting the keywords for your PPC ads, user intention does matter most. Here you have to choose keywords according to your need as well as from the user’s perspective. If a user wants to visit a website just for the sake of knowledge about something. Then in that situation, you can not sell him anything because he is not your potential customer yet. So always keep the user intent in your mind.

Landing page effects: Now this matters most for closing the deal. Because as you listened to a lot of time that the first impression is the last impression. You can use compiling and easy-to-load design for your landing page. As well as you should make a website that helps a buyer to focus only on your product. If you show a lot of content to your buyers on the landing page then there is a high chance they would be redirected to the other side. So try to show your demanding product on your landing page.

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How to improve the conversion rate of PPC ads:

You can focus on the previous topic where we covered how some factors can affects your PPC. But many times it happens that you can understand what could be the best conversion for you. Suppose, right now you are getting 3 to 4% conversion from PPC and now you think this is enough. But the problem here is you might increase it more. For that, you have to do some experiments with your landing page strategy. You can check 4 or 5 landings for your PPC ads. And then figure out the best one for you. This is why people increase their conversion rate.

Second, you can experiment with your ad copy. Now, this is very essential. Copywriters earn enough money with just a few words. But those words have the power to convert a user into a potential buyer. So you should never neglect ad copy. Always try to figure out the right choice for your ad copy.


As you read above there are several methods are available for increasing the conversion rate. But for that, you have to make experiments so that you can check what suits your business. And if you need any help regarding PPC ads then you can visit the website. Our digital marketing agency in Delhi can help you gain your PPC conversion rate up to 20%. So if you want to know more about our digital marketing you can visit our website and contact us.