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Emergency dental visits have really got benefits; only those who use one will agree. This is because most people tend to avoid seeing an emergency dentist until something awry like tooth loss or severe dental pain forces them to do so. Otherwise, they will simply put up a tough front, and the problem will remain.

But do you know that if you do not get an appointment to see a dentist, it can make your teeth and gums vulnerable to more pain and possible complications?

When you visit an emergency dentist for issues like a chipped tooth, severe pain, a lost crown, or swollen gum, you are granting more life and health to your mouth. And, of course, this will rub off on your general health.

To keep infection and complications low, it is critical to turn in at Smile 4 U Dentistry for quick response to many dental issues that can arise anytime.

Where you have a tooth knocked out by accident, sports or a fall, visiting a dental practice without wasting much time increases your chances of having the tooth reinserted.

Is there a solution for a knocked-out tooth?

Whether you place the tooth back into its socket or soak it in a milk solution, it will degrade quickly. Every minute that passes from the time of the tooth loss to getting help lowers the possibility of successfully re-implanting the tooth. Should this happen, a dental implant may be the next treatment option to keep a better smile.

For the case of a knocked-out baby tooth, we may not be able to reinsert. But you still need to visit Smile 4 U Bromley if your baby tooth is no longer hanging in your mouth because certain damages may have occurred, which requires attention.

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Sometimes, the issue of having unsymmetrical growing teeth in adults can trace to a premature loss or knocking out of baby teeth. In such a condition, the dentist may recommend you use braces to correct your teeth alignment. For cases like this, we can quickly spot the concerns and proffer an effective treatment plan. But if you don’t come in for a check, we won’t know what your problem is and how to help you. So, it is critical you report emergency dental crises to our team.

When do you need emergency dental care?

You might be wondering what dental problems can pass for emergency cases. While there are some issues you can fix at home with dental tips, we consider several conditions to be emergency dental cases.

If you have pain or swelling, then it could be that there is an abscess or infection that should treat fast. Our dentist can help you by administering pain relief. To further stop the pain or infection from spreading, we will sterilise the problem site before providing non-permanent treatment to make you feel comfortable.

There are instances where we can provide complete treatment to correct the issue on the spot. This comes down to how severe the condition is and how long the treatment takes. Our dental team will ensure that you feel better before allowing you to go. If there is any need for you to schedule an appointment to correct more complex issues that require longer in-office hours, we won’t hesitate to arrange an appointment with you as soon as possible. This is to ensure that your dental health is completely restored and you are comfortable.

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Anytime you begin to experience any of the following problems with your teeth or gums, please ensure that your emergency dentist is contacted immediately:

  • A cracked teeth
  • A knocked-out tooth
  • Severe toothache
  • Bleeding and aching gums
  • Teeth showing signs of abscesses

It is better to nip the problem in the bud rather than ignore it and go through much pain later on. As much as possible, do well to see our emergency dentist not so long after you must have experienced a dental issue. We would always do all that is best to keep your mouth healthy. There isn’t any hassle in booking an appointment with us.

See an emergency dentist today

Don’t always keep a dental pain to yourself. There are specialists you can talk to who can help. Some of these problems can be life-threatening so, seek help immediately.

Whether you have a mouth injury or have ignored a cavity for too long, visiting your emergency dentist at once can keep further problems at bay.

Our emergency dentists in Bromley are highly trained specialists in emergency dental care. We are a friendly team of dentists that believe in a healthier smile for you. Call us today for emergency dental needs.

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