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If you have a love for Australia and want to transform your garden into an Australian landscape, this article might be the right thing for you. But before you tie up your shoelace, buy plants online, and start giving your garden the Aussie touch, studying the climate and the plant’s growing requirement is essential. Australia mostly has a pleasant and mild climate throughout the year and receives an adequate amount of sun necessary for a colorful and healthy Australian garden. Here are the top recommendations to satiate your green desires and help you have a new Aussie garden.

  • KANGAROO PAW: If you are a beginner, then Kangaroo paw is one of the right Australian plants online to start with for your garden. They are easy to care for and can thrive even in low maintenance. Kangaroo paw prefers well-drained sandy soil and loves a full sun for growth. Stick your finger to the earth before watering kangaroo paw plants as they love a moderate amount of moisture to grow. Kangaroo paw comes in a variety of colors ranging from purple to red to yellow and orange. As they are quite hardy, they do not require fertilizers often to grow. However, adding fertilizers whenever necessary would promote healthy growth and a colorful garden.
  • SPOTTED EMU BUSH (eremophiliamaculata): This is another great plant to add to your Aussie garden if you have never been an avid gardener, and gardening has just piqued your passion. Spotted emu bush can thrive in low maintenance and is drought tolerant too. This particular plant prefers a dry climate for growth but can survive and grow in humid weather as well. Spotted emu loves a full sun for blooming and prefers well-drained and slightly acidic soil for growth. They mostly flower during winters, so buy plants online for your garden accordingly.
  • HAPPY WANDERER (Hardenbergia): If you would like to make your doorway fancy and add a splash of purple to your garden, then the Happy Wanderer is the right pick for you. It does what it says. It happily wanders in your garden without you having to care much about it. Happy Wanderer is a low maintenance evergreen vine and can easily thrive in a harsh climate or growing conditions. They mostly prefer warm weather and full sun for blooming and grows best in well-drained sandy or clayey soil. Make sure to protect your plant from harsh sunlight and provide it the partial shade it needs to grow.
  • NSW CHRISTMAS BUSH (Ceratopetalumgummiferum): If you would like to feel extra Christmassy this year, then right away, buy plants online of these types and adorn your house with its beautiful red petals that appear just before Christmas. NSW Christmas bush loves full sun and well-drained soil for blooming all year long. However,   they can survive in half sun too. Regular watering is necessary as they prefer warm climates for growing. Practice pruning whenever essential to promote healthy growth of the plant and have a colorful garden all year long.
  • Bottle Brush (Callistemon): Bottle Brush is a minimum maintenance plant and can survive and grow in any soil quality as long as it is well-drained. However, make sure that you apply compost if the soil quality is too inferior for the plant to grow. Bottlebrush produces striking red flowers, mostly during the springtime and summer, and is sure to adorn your garden this time. Bottle Brush mostly prefers a full sun condition for growth and requires regular watering for proper blooming. Practice pruning whenever necessary and always be on the lookout for bugs and pests for your blooms. You can buy these Australian plants online for your Aussie garden.
  • EUCALYPTUS TREE: Eucalyptus or gum tree is not only easy to grow and maintain but the best option to bring an Australian native plant home. Regular watering is necessary for the consistent growth of the eucalyptus tree. However, make sure to stick your finger to the earth before rewatering the tree. Whether you want to plant it in your backyard or take it indoors, the eucalyptus tree can grow and thrive anywhere. Also, make sure that the soil is well-drained and fertile enough to promote growth. For these Australian plants online regularly apply fertilizers or compost whenever necessary.

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