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Probably one of the desires that you wanted to realize in the near future is to pick up van rental in Orlando FL and go with your big family on an exciting journey through the amusement parks of Florida. Yes, many want it, but the global pandemic has affected our way of life.

Now we try to avoid too crowded places in the hope that soon everything will return to its place. Of course, it will be so, but what to do now, when we really need new travel experiences?

The good news is that Florida has many more interesting places besides amusement parks, and they are hidden in its charming small towns. It would be a good idea to rent a car, explore them and gain an unforgettable experience…

Tarpon Springs

This is an atypical town for America. It’s literally imbued with the Greek spirit. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the town has been home to sponge divers from the shores of the Adriatic Sea, whose descendants make up the majority of modern inhabitants. 

The Greek influence on the culture of a small settlement was so great that even today the heritage of Ancient Greece is felt here. Art galleries and cozy antique shops are located on the beautiful waterfront. You’ll also find many small eateries and restaurants where tourists can taste Greek cuisine and of course delicious seafood dishes. Here the influence of the culture of Hellas is so great that tourists who have been to Greece feel its atmosphere. The most famous attraction in Tarpon Springs is the Sponge Docks.

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Anna Maria

The small town is located on the island of the same name in the Gulf of Mexico. Getting there in a rental car is easy – it’s 23 miles from Sarasota in western Florida. There’s an ocean on all sides. Anna Maria is renowned for its gorgeous white sand beaches and strict business rules. 

It’s considered to be a holiday paradise where you can swim and sunbathe. The tranquility and serenity of the town is suitable for the fans of a quiet and measured rest. A relaxed atmosphere and dozens of eateries where you can sample the most delicious seafood dishes are one of the features of Anna Maria. 

Here’s the expanse for fishing lovers. If you are traveling with children, it will be interesting for them to visit a bird sanctuary on the island.



This town is the oldest in Florida. Its founders were the Scots, whose descendants are the vast majority of the modern inhabitants of Dunedin. That’s why the traditions of this people are so strong here. All Scottish holidays are celebrated here, carnival processions are held, so residents of Dunedin and numerous tourists don’t have to be bored. 

The central square is a landmark of the city, as it reflects its history. The Dunedin Highland Games & Festival are held there in April. The residents are proud of the magnificent beach and the 38-mile hiking trail. They are under the auspices of a national park. You can ride a bike or walk along the trail.



This is a beautiful and memorable city, named after the old central part, built up in 1925 with Italian-style buildings. American Venice is also called the shark tooth capital – this is because on one of the magnificent beaches of the city, Caspersen Beach, you can find the teeth of a fierce sea predator. 

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The second beach in Venice – Venice Beach, has a wonderful coastline and coral reef that attracts diving enthusiasts to the city. American Venice has many opportunities for a memorable vacation – swimming, sailing and, of course, hunting for shark teeth.


Fort Pierce

If you rent a car in Orlando, it will take you 2 hours to get to Fort Pierce. Once there was a fishing village founded in 1900. Now a small town has grown in its place, which has retained its patriarchal charm. It’s even sometimes called the city of sunrise. This is a favorite spot for diving enthusiasts, as there are many natural and artificial reefs with a rich underwater world.

Fort Pierce has an excellent promenade filled with fresh fish vendors and buyers looking to cook and taste seafood. But the town’s most famous landmark is the Indian River Lagoon, which stretches for 156 miles. It’s the largest estuary in the United States of America famous for its biological diversity – more than 400 representatives of flora and fauna live there.



This small town is home to six excellent beaches of Florida Keys, as well as other beaches where vacationers can swim in the ocean and sunbathe under the gentle sun. Annual fishing tournaments are held here. So, fishing enthusiasts will be pleased with their vacation in Islamorada. 

In addition, the city has the Theater of the Sea, where you can see the dolphin show. Islamorada is home to Windley Key – Fossil Reef and Shipwreck National Park. You definitely won’t see anything like this in other Florida cities.