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Our Porcelain ceramic tiles guarantee quality and design, meet strict European standards, and help homeowners to experience a high-class living space in their own home.

Ceramic Tiles – Production Process Class

To have an exclusive interior design space as expected, Indian consumers have wisely selected the high-end tiles. The entire production process, including pressing, enameling, furnaces, and product classification, uses the most modern technology today. Therefore, each year brings millions of square meters of cobblestones to the market, meeting the design and finishing needs of many high-class and luxurious architectural projects, from hotels, villas to apartments. In the high-end ceramic tile market segment with a nationwide sales network.

tile production line applying high technology and strict and strict control process in accordance with European standards from raw material selection to production has created good quality tiles.

Best porcelain ceramic tiles

Porcelain ceramic tiles – Quality class, design, color, pattern

Tiles are known as a tile with very high surface hardness due to its durable structure, fewer perforations, no fading, and less moisture absorption than other conventional tiles. Advanced surface treatment technology makes the product resistant to dust and dirt, so the surface of tiles is always clean and shiny. The product is an absolute standard size, so the circuit is very small, which creates an impression of luxury and class as soon as the owner takes the first step home.

variety of flooring is also one of the reasons why this brand is more popular today. For villas or houses with large spaces, homeowners can use tiles such as rough tiles, imitation wooden tiles, wall tiles with raised wavy lines, rough and rough surface tiles, or natural stone tiles. With tight spaces and a lack of light, bright, polished tiles color will make your home feel much more spacious and airy.

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If homeowners love deep colors, will propose decorative tiles in black and white, using neutral colors such as cream, gray, brown, dark brown, gray to release them. the living space feels cozy but no less delicate. Your home space will become more luxurious than ever with the classic, seductive, or modern and innovative beauty of high-end ceramic tiles. The combination of the dark – light, warm-cool contrasting shades, such as red – white, brown-white, black-white, purple – white of tiles, embellish a square circle pattern with Symmetrical pattern details will be a highlight awesome for your family’s living space.

During the production process, not only emphasizes the quality and design of the product but also pays attention to the smallest perceptions of users in each living space. The natural color and luxurious pattern of tiles in the living room or bedroom will cleverly show the sophisticated aesthetic taste and class of the owner. The kitchen space becomes closer and more welcoming with wall tiles with an elegant and simple pattern Or, homeowners can comfortably enjoy absolute relaxation and safety with bathroom wall and floor tiles that are rough, non-slip, waterproof, and beautifully designed. These will be the best sensations that your beloved house brings you when choosing high-end tiles.

Porcelain ceramic wall and floor tiles

Selection of porcelain tiles that suit your rooms

The selection of flooring suitable for the needs of users is to choose quality products, appropriate to the function and design of the room to be covered.

People’s demand for porcelain stone use is very diverse and abundant, but most homeowners only focus on choosing tiles products based on the level of water absorption and appropriate to the needs of each space. . Let’s explore these 2 factors together.

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Select tiles according to the degree of water absorption

  • Ordinary absorbent tiles will have more than 5% water absorption, for example, ceramic tiles, ordinary wall tiles, porcelain tiles.
  • Less absorbent tiles have a water absorption of 0.5% -3% like solid tiles, granite, granite, glazed tiles, marble tiles, industrial tiles, swimming pool tiles.

Tiles that are practically non-absorbent will have less than 0.5% water absorption. For example, marble, artificial stone, mosaic glass tiles, and illuminated glass tiles.

Note: A simple method to test the water absorption of a tile is to put a few drops of water on the back of the tile and observe the water absorption of the tile.

Selection of tiles that suit your needs

For tiles: You should choose tiles with less porosity, less water absorption to harden the tiles. The floor will break easily if you use wall tiles for the floor. The main goal of using floor tile is to make it easy to clean, clean, and provide a solid foundation. Some other materials have the same properties as granite and marble.

Tiles: The tiles used for wall covering are always light, designed to have good adherence to the wall, and are used as substitutes for paint or wallpaper. For exterior walls, you should use ceramic tiles especially specialized for this area.

Choosing tiles for areas frequently exposed to water should use rough surface tiles to prevent slipping when used in bathrooms, balconies, or parking lots.

Choice of porcelain stones used in areas with high aesthetic demands: ceramics should be chosen to decorate luxury rooms such as corridors, lounges, hotels.

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The type of tile used in areas that require high durability should choose tiles with high hardness, often used for high traffic areas such as parking lots, industrial parks.

If you need to buy tiles that are suitable for your needs and savings, Contact us. Here you can easily choose the tile products you want from famous brands.


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