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Here are some designs that use tiles:

Design tiles according to the pattern

The design of tile in a pattern with classic beauty is the choice of many people. This design style feels like installation art. With this type of tile, you should not place the wrong position or direction of any tiles facing. It is often used in the bathroom or kitchen.

However, these stereotypical ceramic tiles don’t always create classic beauty. It is perfectly possible to use a combination of black and white tiles in a modern pattern and use it for modern rooms.


Design with tiles and patterns  

wall tiles are a great idea to add color to space. In fact, there are many people who like to combine patterned tile for small spaces like laundries, or storage rooms.

Patterned background tile show elegance. Especially the models are designed in a very elaborate way for each separate room.

Tiles design creates effects

We generally think that tile brings a feeling of cold, especially in winter. But you will change your mind when you see this design idea.

If the floor is covered with brown tiles, combined with the light in the room, it will create a very warm and soft feeling for the eyes.

The dark background tile color is designed for the kitchen space as well but brings a whole new effect. It will highlight the contrasting white of the wall.

The Best Tiles

Should I buy granite tiles?

Why Should You Buy Granite Tile For Home Design?

granite tiles are known as one of the best stones currently used in interior and exterior home designs. When choosing to buy natural stone porcelain tiles, it is also convenient to know their characteristics.

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Quality: This is a stone tile with extremely high hardness, so it has exceptional durability. In addition, they also have characteristics such as waterproofing, resistance to high temperatures, and a shiny surface that makes cleaning easier.

About aesthetics: granite tiles come in many different colors in addition to the standard size. Due to this feature, they can meet all your needs so that the color scheme blends in with the whole house.

Prestigious address to choose from to buy granite tiles:

Did you know that despite being a natural stone, granite tiles are being forged with very poor quality stones? Therefore, the durability of these stones is also drastically reduced, which affects both the quality and the aesthetics of the works. Therefore, you should buy stone from reputable facilities like a showroom.

With many years of experience in the field of construction tiles, We always satisfy all the purchasing needs of tiles of all kinds: ceramic tiles, granite tiles. Guarantee all the criteria of quality, durability, and extremely reasonable price. Therefore, if you need advice on choosing granite tiles, Contact us immediately for the best answer.

Interior Design Tiles

The interior design of the house including tiles, the interior layout of the house. So how do you make the interior designs of a townhouse more beautiful and sophisticated? Follow our article. We have many outstanding features, so there are certain difficulties when it comes to choosing tile and interior design. So how to design the most beautiful and sophisticated interior of the tube house?

Best Interior Design Tiles

We are also known as tube houses, which are considered very popular in our country, especially in more cities. The characteristics of this type of house are narrow in width and length. Therefore, when designing the interior, there will be certain difficulties. To have a beautiful and shiny tube house, you must have a very skilled eye and high aesthetics.

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You need to create a highlight when designing the interior of the tube house

There are many different ways to highlight the living space of your tube house, it can be a sofa set or use a stunning tile pattern or unique wall tile, wall paint. It could also be a picture, a television shelf,

When interior design needs to create harmony

Because the house is narrow in width, when designing the interior of the house, you need to make sure that the rooms are harmonious. Harmony here is the color, the arrangement of each element avoids creating a difference, not harmony. Before getting into the design, you need to have an idea of ​​what colors should be selected and what style to follow in order to design accordingly.

When designing an interior, it is necessary to create balance

Townhomes have a feature that looks very deep. In order to eliminate this feeling, it is necessary to create a balance in interior design. You should consider what you will decorate your room with. Consult with professional architects to get the design you want.

The important thing is that no matter what style of interior design, it is still necessary to ensure the correct style and preferences of the owner, especially the selection of tiles. If you want to advise and choose for your family tile patterns, wall tile, come to Hai Linh Group. Here, a team of consultants will guide you in choosing the right tiles for your home.