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Sanitary ware is always favored by customers due to its delicate colors, diverse patterns, and price segments. By applying sanitary products to bathroom interior decoration, a harmonious and sophisticated set will be created, a true reflection of the owner’s personality.

So, what is the trend of designing bathrooms with sanitary models in 2021?

Use 2 sinks in the bathroom

Duplicate sinks are a new trend that has emerged in recent years. In this way, your bathroom space will become more luxurious and eye-catching. This design will not be picky about the size of the room. That is, with a bathroom with a small area, you can also put 2 medium-sized sinks in them.

Some models of basins that you can apply such as a tabletop washbasin, ring washbasin

Choose a bathroom mirror in different shapes:

Traditionally, families use rectangular or circular mirrors. So far, this trend has changed. To meet the creative needs of customers has launched bathroom wall mirrors with round and endorsed shapes.

However, the current trend of customers choosing mirrors. Therefore, circular mirrors that represent perfection are always the first choice.

Select a smart, easy-to-use toilet

People need smart products that serve their lives and the bathroom is one of them. 2021 with the “promised” birth of technology 5.0. Cleaning products with smart technology were born one after another. Instead of using traditional products, users have started to “open up” more with modern devices. The reason is that these products have a modern and youthful design. Along with that are important benefits like automatic cleaning, sanitizing, and drying. Equipped with smart toilets, it brightens up your bathroom space.

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You can refer to the following smart toilet models: smart toilet, smart electronic toilet + shower head. These are all models of the toilet that are sold.

Choose a tabletop sink instead of a stand

By 2021, countertop sinks will gradually win over Indian consumers with a modern and elegant design, these sinks provide a luxurious and sophisticated bathroom space.

Some designs of basins that you can choose:

Use copper shower fixtures for the bathroom

With classic features, charming brass shower fixtures are the choice of many customers in 2021. A gleaming copper bathroom creates a luxurious feel and helps brighten the space. This is a great option for your family bathroom.

Use tiles with dark tones

Unlike the way of choosing accessories, deep and dark color is the trend of choosing to floor for bathroom spaces. A private and quiet room will be very suitable for us to relax after a tiring day at work.

There are also a few other trends that you can choose from, such as:

– Choice of bathroom decoration with greenery. Hanging plants are best suited because they are easy to live and move.

– Using curtains helps create an accent in the bathroom space

– If your bathroom is big enough, you can choose wall paintings

The above are suggestions for the 2021 sanitary ware bathroom design trends. Hopefully, with the information above, you can choose the right products and designs for you and contact the top sanitaryware manufacturer to buy products.

Bathroom Tile:

Bathroom tiles are now very interested because this factor has a great influence on the aesthetics, quality, and safety of the bathroom. So when choosing tiles for the bathroom, what criteria should the toilet meet?

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Buy bathroom tiles from recognized brands

When you need to buy ceramic tiles in general and bathroom tiles in particular, you must choose genuine products, from recognized brands, with a quality guarantee. Famous ceramic tile brands trusted by Indian consumers. However, they are more familiar with Indian families than tiles should include.

As one of the famous ceramic tile and sanitary ware brands, receiving a lot of trust from users, now launches a wide range of products and models, from the most popular to the highest. levels, diversity of designs, and quality assurance. All you have to do is choose the model you like and you can be sure of the quality.

Buy tiles according to the size of the tiles that are suitable for the bathroom

For bathrooms, there are currently several very popular tile models that are relatively sized digital floor tiles like the 400×400 or 600×600, 800×800, 600×1200 tiles. In particular, 600×600 tiles are the most widely used. The 400×400 tiles size is suitable for the bathroom space and area, making the bathroom more spacious, airy, and easy to clean because there are fewer tiles circuits and a glossy surface that does not stain.

As for bathroom cladding, you can use light-colored tiles combined with deep-toned 600×600 color tiles to accentuate the bathroom, which will be less boring and more prominent.

Choose a tile material that matches the characteristics of the bathroom

Currently, pavers have mainly 2 popular types: Granite (stone material) and Ceramic (earth material). The most popular type of tile currently selected is stone – granite tile due to its exceptional advantages. Color does not fade over time, the enamel layer does not peel, diverse and beautiful designs. This type of tile is very hard, does not crack, does not adhere to dirt, does not rust, and has a large special load-bearing capacity, long tiles life, so it is very popular.

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Choose the right tile color for the bathroom

Color is an important determinant of the aesthetics, elegance, sophistication, and modernity of the bathroom. The current trend, the colors used in sanitary facilities are clean, bright, bright, simple, and delicate motifs such as white, pink, light yellow, or other color combinations. opposite like yellow-brown, black-white, gray-white.

Choose where to buy quality bathroom tiles

Currently, many places sell tiles on the market, leading to confusion for consumers when they don’t know where to buy genuine tiles. How is the price of the tiles? Where is ceramic tile cheaper?

There are many ceramic tile manufacturers and suppliers in the market and specializes in the distribution of genuine ceramic tiles. Explore the latest sanitaryware collections to decorate your bathrooms with luxury.

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