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Wedding receptions are complete with a huge and decorated cake only. Like everything is perfect in your wedding, the wedding cake should also be perfect. More than perfect your wedding cake should be unique and different. Choosing your wedding cake, its flavor, size, components, shape, and more is very important and has a lot of fun hidden in it. If you have a perfect cake for your wedding, you will surely love it. So don’t even think of canceling this most important part of your wedding reception. Also, it is important to celebrate your wedding day every year. To make your loved ones feel how much you love and care about them. With Online Cake Delivery you can make them feel your love and care for them by sending cakes online.

Now if you are confused about which cake to choose? Which flavor? What size? Here are the most popular and best designs of your wedding or anniversary Cake – 

  1. Floral Wedding Cake – This Cake is filled with many types of flowers. The cake is surrounded by a lot of beautiful and mesmerizing flowers. This cake also has many enhancing flavors and a heavy essence. This is the most popular type of cake because of the beauty and flavor it carries within it. This cake symbolizes richness and simplicity. This is perfect for your wedding or any occasional you can order cake online. As this is available in every size, also it is easily available online you don’t have to worry about it. 
  2. The Drunken Groom Cake – You can choose this cake, if your partner is fun-loving and is okay with this type of fun. You should choose a fondant cake with a perfect finish. You can customize this cake by adding funny quotes, funny names, witty or sarcastic comments, anything that makes your partner smile. This is nowadays very much in trend and this will surely leave a smile on the faces of your guest. 
  3. Wedding Vow Cake – You wanna attract your guest in reception. Play with your wedding cake like this, As you can write all the promises or wedding vows on a cake. You can choose whether you want it two-tier or three-tier. If you have a lot of promises go for a five-tier cake. You can read all the promises in front of everyone and let your partner feel love because that is what matters. What can be more romantic than this on his or her wedding day? 
  4. Couple Miniatures Cake – This is also one of the most loved cakes. As you can put a cute little miniature couple on the top of the cake. You can customize it easily and usually, this cake is available in a fondant finish. You can easily get this cake in any flavor and size you want. This is also popular because the decoration on the cake is so unique and beautiful that it catches everyone’s eyes. And which couple doesn’t wanna see miniature or animated versions of themselves sitting on the top of their wedding cake. 
  5. Cascading Orchids – You can try this as this is available in many colors and looks really beautiful with its bright flowers but you can try a whole white cake having realistic orchids. This cake will be delicately iced on each layer. This looks very rich and classic. The whole white look makes it more interesting. Orchids are flowers of love, romance, and what is better than adding them to a beautiful cake with a lot of details. On your reception day, you will spread love in the air and love in the cake too. This cake can also be chosen for your anniversary and you can order online cake delivery in Bangalore with few clicks from your mobile itself. You can do it with the comfort of your couch.
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These are the most popular and interesting cakes for your wedding or anniversary day. These days are the most important in your life. You and your partner are going to live together and your life is going to change from the next day, so it is really important to celebrate it to the fullest. Every celebration is incomplete without a cake. So don’t forget to order a cake of your choice. As it will make you feel happy. You can order any type, flavor, and size of cake online in any occasion theme designer cake wedding, new year cake, etc as they are easily available and you will get thousands of options with which you can also customize your cake for your lovely partner. 

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