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You love to live in the dreamland of Dubai. Do you feel embarrassed because of lingual differences while shopping, in the offices, at the hospital, and in social communication?

Yes! that’s obvious. The native and official language of Dubai is Arabic that is a semantic language with a complex grammatical structure and many dialects. “Geographically, modern Arabic 

varieties are classified into six groups: Maghrebi, Sudanese, Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Levantine, and Peninsular Arabic”

No worries, every problem has its solution as well. Translation and interpretation services are solutions to this language barrier. Professional translation and interpretation companies provide authentic, accurate, and quality services within time in every walk of life. Multilingual translators are there to transit in more than a hundred languages. And the most required one is Arabic to English translation and vice versa.


Types of language translation services in Dubai


Arabic is used for every type of documentation in Dubai. But in every field, you need a different translator to translate the relevant documents. Like in business, court. office or hospital, not a single translator can perform well. Every type of translation requires particular knowledge of that specific span. It can’t be done word for word that would result in a great misconception. Here are some distinguished kinds of translations shortly explained.


  • One of the most required ones is the legal translation service. It needs a high efficiency in legal matters and work experience in court and law issues. The translators must have practical legal experience and must be aware of the terminology of law. Moreover, awareness of the cultural backgrounds of both the languages, e.g. the source and the target language, is essential for the accuracy of the legal documents.
  • As it deals with the life and health of human beings, medical papers, reports, case history of the patients, prescriptions, labels of medicines, and any other relevant documents, it’s a sensitive type of translation. A medical translation needs a high level of accuracy, professionalism, certification, knowledge, and skill to transform the source language into the target language.
  • Technical translators translate texts containing technical journals, computer product and accessories manuals, patents, catalogs, instructions, installation and maintenance, material safety data sheets, and other technical documents. Web localization and software localization fall into this category as well. Comprehension of subject matter, terminology, and scientific or technical knowledge of the field are most important to give an accurate version of the source text.
  • Financial translation is required to transcribe papers of Insurance, banking, asset management, funds, deeds, and accounts, etc. Business deals, agreements, also need this service.
  • Scientific Translation is a way to globalize scientific research, their investigation, results, and benefits. So it calls for the reliability of the translators to have a good command of the field-specific terms, scientific jargon while translating scientific texts.
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Translation for business is mandatory in Dubai

Effective communication is the key to a success in business and marketing. But when it comes to a global level, language nuance is a big hindrance especially when both the parties speak different languages. Accredited translators are not only inevitable for business documents, project papers, business deals, advertisements, and marketing material but also unavoidable for website localization. The language barrier affects business badly as long as the culture of that area is concerned. Marketing is based on consumers’ or customer’s psychology. That can only be influenced when marketing material and multimedia content is in their native language. Localized translation can play with the mind of the target audience. 


Web content localization and software localization help in promoting online business internationally with the help of high-tech expert translators. Web translators follow the “Localization Industry Standards”.   They translate generic business documents, financial papers, legal documents, marketing stuff, along with desktop publishing,  international search engine optimization, and localization testing.

Legal translation- the second most important service in Dubai

Legal translation has a vast exposure but has relation with business as well. Firms and enterprises registration, deeds, and bonds, license,  contracts, agreements and contracts, sales -purchase, lease agreements, labor documents attach it with financial transcription services. The legal and law system is also culturally sensitive. 


To avoid any error or impreciseness, one must have to hire a professional translator who has spent adequate time in court to get enough experience in the subject matter of law and court. A minor mistake can generate serious legal upshots. That’s why the translation of legal documents demands substantial work experience and additional education in law.

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Certification of the translators by the Ministry of Justice in Dubai

Cabinet Resolution 7 of 2014 governs the legal translation in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.  Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum regulated this profession by saying that the translation profession can only be practiced in the UAE when the translator is testified by the Ministry of Justice and owns a license by submitting required documents. Examinations are conducted in Dubai and candidates have to pass them to be certified translators. A certified service provider prevents you from any misconception that resultantly leads to a loss of reputation and economic damage.


Final words


As Dubai police department, court, RTA, land department, government departments, municipality, and many other important institutes accept documents in the Arabic language. So translation has become a necessity to survive in Dubai. It’s also a matter of great attention to getting services from a reliable, authentic, trustworthy, and certified company to prevent loss of money, time, and reputation.

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