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Social media applications are taking the internet by storm with their remarkable features.  The platforms connecting the globe in the meantime are a source of entertainment nowadays. As a result, several applications evolve, creating a boom within the industry.

Be it video chats, calls, messages, posting content. There is an application for every purpose.  Amongst all the leading applications that is engraving the hearts of millions is Clubhouse.  This wonderful audio-based social media application allows people to have voice chats and share stories and ideas to help connect people around.

With around 10 million downloads globally, the app is admired by everyone.  This is the reason many soaring entrepreneurs are out to earn profits by developing the Clubhouse clone app.  If you are on the same idea, this blog post is best to have a valuable insight into critical aspects, features, revenue generation, and the current scenario of Clubhouse.  Without waiting, let’s go ahead!

Hear About Clubhouse

The clubhouse is an audio-based social media application that brings together users. It allows the users to talk, listen and know about each other in real-time.  Users using the Clubhouse can listen to the telephone conversation legally of their favorite people.

The people behold the famous personalities, and many leading superstars are using it. With this, the platform offers an opportunity to users to explore and listen to the discussions, interviews, debates of famous public figures.

Market Valuation of Clubhouse Soaring Its Alike App Developments

The clubhouse is amongst the popular applications changing the perspective of the entertainment world. With business owners interested in reinvesting within the application, taking a closer look at the market is a must. Hear out some of the amazing facts about the application:

  • Currently, the clubhouse downloads across the globe are around 10 million, which is relatively higher than any other.
  • Talking about the user base, the platform has around 2 million weekly active users, making it a customer-oriented application.
  • At the initial point when the app was launched, it was valued at $100 million, making it an opportunity for businesses to grow.
  • It is recorded that more than 40 hours of the day are spent by users on the application.
  • In less than a year of its launch in 2020, the application raised over $10 million of revenue, making it a lucrative option.
  • Famous personalities such as Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey, Drake, Kevin Hart, and Chris Rock use Clubhouse, boosting its popularity.
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Clubhouse Growth Amid Pandemic: Know – How?

The clubhouse is garnering popularity, and the number of users using it is expanding.  With several applications launched during the pandemic, Clubhouse has made its particular place.  Coupled with new-age features and a splendid user interface, the app is winning hearts. Users stuck around the app even when things got back to normal. Furthermore, the path to monetization within the app makes it a profit-making option.

The application holds massive potential for generating revenue for businesses of all sizes.  With its launch in 2020, the app has successfully ruled the social media world.

Splendid Features of Clubhouse Application

The functionality of the Clubhouse application is at the next level.  Being feature-rich, the application is reigning in the entertainment market. Look out for some of the amazing features that brought a surge in the usage of the application.

Profile Management

The first feature within the application is the ability to view and manage profiles. The user registering with the application can manage and view the information.  The users need to provide basic information within the app and verify it. After verification, the user is ready to use the application.

Easy Business Linking

Businesses can also start with the application to promote their services and products. The platform lets businesses share about themselves in the bio. Also, they can link their website to the profile for organic customer visits.


The main feature of the application is that one can create rooms.  This means the communication done within the platform is in an open space. The people can choose their favorite conversation and make a separate room for listening to them. Based on the interest, the rooms are divided and created to get started.

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This feature is based on combating the harassment, trolls, and other issues within the application. Any user who leaves the app or faces any kind of issue can look out for the


Another next-level feature within the clubhouse is the invite-based system. This is the main feature that increases engagement within the app and brings users to the forefront. Once the user registers with the app, she or she can send invites to other users and create a room. In this way, only the rooms are created, and the base of the application expands.  The new user who does not use the application by this invite feature can get registered to it.

Easy Sharing

Last but not least, another core feature of the clubhouse application is it is easier to share than others. By giving the opportunity to the user’s application, let them share the audio chat rooms.  One can schedule the chats of their rooms via email, and send invites to join. Also, direct email and other sharing increase the user base for the application.

Full Working Model Of A Social Media Platform App Like Clubhouse

It has already been said that the Clubhouse Clone software is completely voice-based, allowing users to communicate with each other and discuss a variety of topics.

Step 1: Users can download their application, such as Clubhouse, from the Store and sign in with their information after they have downloaded it.

Step 2: As soon as they register with the app, they will be able to choose from a list of interesting topics and will be directed to the corresponding chat room.

Step 3: Once they have entered the chat room, they will be able to view the profiles and bios of other listeners. If they are interested, they can follow users to stay up-to-date on upcoming meetings or discussions that may take place.

Step 4: Multiple chat rooms will be displayed in the corridor of your app; If they are not interested in any of the above chat rooms, they can join any of the remaining chat rooms.

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Step 5: In addition, the user can create a new chat room and invite his or her co-workers, friends and family to participate in discussions on topics that they have in common with him or her.

Competitors Overview Of Customized App Like Clubhouse

The clubhouse is delineated with standout features that no other app has.  And with every rising application, there are no doubt competitors would also prevail.  Let’s go through some of the known competitors of Clubhouse, making it achieve success to the next degree.

Discord app: This amazing app launched for gamers has been revamped to provide an opportunity to talk with each other.  You will find several discord clone app developments due to its popularity.

Spoon app: This is another application allowing people to listen to the conversations. In this, the people who speak get paid for the same. The application with similar features like clubhouse is leading the globe.

Twitter spaces: This is another application competing with clubhouse.  In this, the users directly have a conversation with their followers. The application has been integrated with Twitter itself.

With several competitors starting their own way to unleash out the voice chat app market, Clubhouse is still winning.  Recently, Facebook was also rumored to develop its own version of the voice chat app to compete with the clubhouse application.

Launch Your Own Customized App like Clubhouse

Concluding the above information, there is no denying the fact Clubhouse is a great application to start a venture for the baby boomers.  The robust functionality, next-gen features, lucrative advertising,  amazing business opportunities are enough to go on with its app developments.

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