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You don’t need to do a job to earn extra dollars anymore. Some people are using their homes as their base for a business to start making money. You can join the bandwagon and earn more than on your 9 to 5 job with ease. How? Try these ideas now!

Multiple factors like fluctuating employment opportunities, lost jobs due to the pandemic, and the rising entrepreneurship have motivated people to look for business ideas to start making money. However, there is a catch! Since people looking for business ideas now suffer from a lack of funds and investments, they prefer home-based business ideas that do not require establishment costs. With the high success rate from home-based businesses and social media showing the proof, a lot of people are asking how to start making money at home. Look no more because here are the most popular ideas for starting a new business from home.

 #1 Idea To Start Making Money: Blogging

Since it is a very common and tasteful way of earning money, some people want to know how to start making money blogging. If you are interested, first know that there are several ways to do it, and second, you need to follow a few steps to start making money. To begin with, decide whether you want to use an online publishing platform like Medium or build a website of your own. Since a website requires a maintenance cost, you may initially use the free version of CMS like WordPress or Blogger and then monetize it once you gain a loyal audience. Finally, while blogging can be a great way to start making money, you must choose a niche to target and get them to follow you for your content.


How Long To Start Making Money Blogging?

Monetization of a personal blog requires consistent audience views. Therefore, there is a specified requirement to meet before running Google Ads to earn from them. While that can take some time to happen depending on your content topic, marketing, and quality, you can use your blog to start making money from affiliate marketing meanwhile. Alternatively, platforms like Medium start paying the bloggers money once they gain a certain number of followers. Also, even though time is variable, rigorous marketing, regular updates, and new approaches can help you reach the goal faster.

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#2 Idea To Start Making Money: Investing

Another common question people ask is how to start making money by investing. Several people create major passive earnings with smart investments in things that change value over time. For example, it could be real estate, stocks, financial products from banks, valuable metals like gold or silver.

#3 Idea To Start Making Money: Freelancing Gigs

Outsourcing is a new trend and a popular way to start making money. Platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, 99Designs, etc., help you find different jobs to do online. Find what you are good at, create a portfolio, and start applying. Content writing, digital designing of logos, cards, posters, print collaterals, etc., website development are some of the popular freelance jobs you see online. While they are well paid, you also get a daily source of work because projects are one-time, allowing you to take up more work for better rates. Hence, if you are looking for how to start making money daily, then it could be your answer.

#4 Idea To Start Making Money: Dropshipping

If you are looking for answers to how to start making money easy, this could be your idea. Dropshipping involves selling products manufactured by other people without you having to think of the shipping even. You are just acting as a middle person and selling products for a commission. Dropshipping is an easy and profitable way to start making money without handling the hassles. 

#5 Idea To Start Making Money: Online Gambling

If you are looking for answers to how to start making big money, then nothing can beat online casinos. While you may have to invest to gamble, there are plenty of options with smaller minimum deposits, free spins, and free dollars to choose from on the internet. However, even if you do have to deposit a small amount, it is nothing compared to the jackpot you can win by playing online slots. Although online gambling comes with a risk of addiction and losses, it is still a preferred way to start making money. Thus, being careful is very important and always recommended. 

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#6 Idea To Start Making Money: Create Online Course

Ever since the pandemic hit, classes have all shifted online. Even though online courses have been growing for professionals on several platforms, Covid-19 gave it a boost and reached a larger audience base varying in age. Currently, it is a growing trend and shows a lot of potential as a way to start making money. With platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, Google Tools, and even social media, you can create online courses on anything from guitar lessons, subject tutoring, handwriting improvement, painting, singing, etc. People sitting at home are largely investing in building skills and hobbies, which is why online courses are in demand. Thus, if you are one of those asking how to start making money from home and having extra skills, you now know what to do.

#7 Idea To Start Making Money: Digital Products

Another answer to how to start making extra money is digital products. If you know graphic designing or can produce digital art through the use of software, then you can earn by selling them. For example, digital wedding cards, logos, t-shirt prints, art prints, wallpapers, sticker arts, etc are currently popular digital art ideas in demand.

#8 Idea To Start Making Money: Social Influencer & Content Creator

There is an overload of online content and yet not enough because of the limitless consumption. Content creation is the answer to how to start making extra money. While several people have built their social media profiles(Facebook, Instagram) to become social influencers, many others use platforms like YouTube and Pinterest to grow an audience. Similar to blogging, you get opportunities to start making money when you get a loyal audience base. You get to run advertisements for a sorted and steady income through your content, in addition to doing paid promotion for brands who like your content.

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#9 Idea To Start Making Money: Develop, Produce & Sell Homemade Creative Products

Turning passion into a profession is the new trend, and hence side hustle is no more an unknown term. An increasing number of people are delving into their creative sphere to create products from home and sell online. Handmade, sustainable, and customized products are things people highly appreciate across the world. And the best part? They are ready to pay for it, creating a path for you to start making money. Be it cakes, jewelry, crockery, clothes, dolls, or miniatures, the product can be anything.

Start Making Money


The best idea is different for different people, and it mainly depends on your goal. So, first, you need to define your idea or a goal to find out what works best for you. For example, some of the above ideas to start making money involve making small investments, others don’t, some may require capital, others won’t, some require effort, and some don’t. Hence, knowing your ideal requirements from your home-based business idea can be a great start for you besides knowing your skills. However, since you now know several ways to start making money from home, which of the ideas is attracting you the most?

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