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There are many things homeowners should consider when selecting a kitchen countertop. Granite must be your first choice from all of the available materials. But what does granite countertops cost? Granite is a burdensome, durable stone that can withstand heat and scratches. Granite countertops need to be regularly cleaned and sealed to prevent staining by oils and acids. So, granite is also durable and will not fade over time, adding value to your home. This guide will help clarify and let you know the price and other factors you should consider when shopping for granite.

What is the cost of granite countertops?

You must know what you’re getting. You don’t want to spend too much on a kitchen renovation project. Let’s take a look at the details.

Granite countertops typically cost between $2250 and $4500. Labor costs between $35 and $85 an hour. Slabs cost from $45 to $80 per square ft. The total cost of your countertop may increase depending on its color, style, and texture. Prices for basic, generic slabs start at $40 per sq. Foot. However, you’ll need to spend $75 – $100 per sq foot for rare or exclusive pieces.

Professionally sealing granite kitchen countertops can cost anywhere from $170 to $350.

What impacts granite countertops on the cost?

Granite is a 100% natural stone. It’s pretty beautiful. These elements contribute to the popularity of granite worldwide. Granite slabs are subject to price fluctuations due to their color, texture, and types.

1. Color:

Granite countertop colors are cheaper than buying standard colors like white, black, or gray. The price of rare and exotic colors such as red can be prohibitive. There will be some granite in black and white that is unique, but they are also more expensive. The type and importance of the color will influence the cost.

White, green, or gray are the most inexpensive options. These colors range in price from $40-60 per square foot. Rare colors with beautiful patterns or unique colors can cost $150- $200 per sq foot.

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2. Texture:

A texture can also influence granite’s price. Textures offer different options for granite finishes. It can be honed, polished, or leathered.

3. Finishes:

Honed finishes can be much more cost-effective than polished or leathered finishes.

The polished finish is most in demand because it costs less than the other two. It adds a lovely shine to your counters and keeps the costs down.

Leathered granite costs more than any other of the three. It isn’t widely available, but leathered granite can give your kitchen a rustic feeling.

4. DIY or professional?

Granite countertops provide durability and functionality. Granite countertops are heavy and dense, but they are very durable. So, it is heavy but not very fragile if diy. You will need to feel comfortable throughout the process.

5. Tile vs. Slab:

Granite slabs make the perfect material for granite countertops kitchen countertops. Who doesn’t want a lovely piece of natural rock in their own home? The best choice is slab, but each slab will cost $40-$70 per sq. Foot. It will take up a large chunk of your budget, so make sure to plan your finances.

Granite tiles offer a far superior quality to granite slabs. The prices start at $5 / square feet. A tile is an excellent option for anyone looking to create a statement piece but on a restricted budget.

These lines will need to be sealed every few months. You may also make compromises on the appearance. Modular granite can be an alternative if you are looking for fewer seams in an acceptable price range. These granite countertops cost between $25 and $40 per square foot.

Why choose granite?

Granite is an igneous mineral that granite manufacturers can quarry, smoothen, then flatten into construction slabs. So, granite’s most outstanding feature is its unique, one-of-a-kind grain. Each granite design has its unique characteristics and is distinct from others.

1. Heat-resistant:

For granite pieces that are to be molded, magma is used. So, it’s highly flammable. It will break if you heat it for more than ten minutes.

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2. Value:

Granite is a hard rock, so it will last longer and not lose any value. Granite will add value because of its timeless appearance.

3. Easy to repair:

Granite worktops are so strict that you won’t be able to scratch them if you professionally seal them. Granite worktops have a straightforward repair process if there are any scratches or chips. So, the dye can be used as a color match to the granite, and then you can seal it.

4. Family-friendly:

Granite is durable. It’s easy to clean. Family members, small and large, can spend time in the kitchen “helping” or “experimenting.”

5. Perfectly float and firm:

Granite countertops have a perfectly flat surface, which is excellent for anyone who loves baking and rolling dough. So, granite countertops offer additional assistance in the kitchen, as they are solid.

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6. Resistant bacteria & dirt:

Proper and professional sealing is key to your health and wellbeing. Professional sealing can make a big difference in your overall health and wellbeing.

Granite countertops maintenance:


  • Use mild detergent to wash it. It could also be cleaned with sanitizing rags. Also, make sure there is no residue.
  • Have professionals clean your countertops from time to time. With time, soap scum will build up, making your countertops dull and stained. Professionalist cleaners are recommended every 6-12 months to avoid this problem.
  • Always blot first. To stop spillages from spreading, wipe the area with a clean cloth.
  • A soft microfiber cloth is the best way to clean your countertop.


  • Mainly granite, don’t wax countertops. Granite is a natural stone and won’t crack or chip like paint.
  • Avoid using over-the-counter products and polishes. So, these products often leave behind residue that can accumulate dirt and particles over time.
  • Avoid using acidic and abrasive cleaners, such as lemon juices, vinegar, or ammonia. They can leave marks that are hard to remove.
  • It would help if you didn’t use granite countertops for cooking on. Drinks and juices can leach into granite, causing bacteria growth.

Do you have any other options for granite countertops?

Granite is a highly striking material. However, there are other beautiful materials. There are other options than granite countertops—your bathroom and kitchen. You can also select the materials listed below, which are as functional and beautiful as granite.

  • Marble
  • Quartz
  • Quartzite
  • Slate
  • Limestone
  • Soapstone
  • Onyx

Granite, marble, as well as quartz, are all more expensive. Marble can cost between $40 and $100/square foot, while quartz is priced from $45 to $120/square foot. So, Installing quartz or marble in your house is a good option if your budget is uncertain.

Quartz is an engineered product that has been bound together with resins and other polymers to form slabs. You’ll find the best quartz slabs. You can choose quartz for the kitchen granite will cost you less than quartz. The total cost for your quartz worktop, including installation and materials, can reach between $2500-$5000.

Granite has many exciting veins. Granite is loved and hated by different people, but it can make a strong statement in any kitchen. They can cost anywhere from $2000 to $4500.


The cost of granite countertops per square foot is between $40 and $60for rare colors and patterns, expect to pay more than $75 to $50they come in a variety of colors. The slabs are available in nearly all colors, from white to rare tones to simple white. So, Badger granite provides unique swirls, streaks, and mottled designs created by inclusions like garnet, quartz, and mica. Prices will vary depending upon which color or pattern is found in each stone slab.

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