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Vinyl plank flooring is one of the top flooring choices around the world. Many homeowners prefer this due to its durability, wooden visual appeal, and waterproof nature. No doubt, it is much less costly than other tile or hardwood floors. But, there are a few cons related to this flooring type that you should know. So, this post will help you make the right decision.

Well, no doubt vinyl flooring meets your daily requirements. Its noise reduction feature makes it more viable for studio apartments. Plus, it is not that hard underfoot. Like other floor tiles and laminate floors, vinyl floor planks have some lows as well. That is why you must have a clear idea before you invest in this flooring.

Vinyl plank flooring: list of pros

  • Water-resistant
  • Durability
  • Low maintenance
  • Visual appeal
  • Easy underfoot
  • Affordable
  • Water-resistant:

Unlike wooden floors and porous stones, luxury vinyl floor planks and tiles are 100 % moisture and waterproof. They are non-porous, which makes them suitable for wet areas. It is one of the biggest positives of this flooring type. Also, you can use area rugs or sheets where there are chances of more water content. 

  • Durability:

Several features make vinyl durable for your homes and offices. Not only is it waterproof, but also it can resist heat and pressure very well. But, too many heavy objects can cause dents and severe damages. That is why people tend to use fridge liners and rug pads under the furniture and other bulky items. But, some vinyl floors have more than five years warranty. 

  • Low maintenance:

Cleaning vinyl floors is not an issue. It is effortless as it is low maintenance. So, regular sweeping and vacuuming are enough to keep its looks and texture. Although vinyl planks are water-resistant, they do not let the water stay on their surface. Moreover, mopping with warm water is best for tough stains and spills. So, its cleaning is simple and hygienic for your family. But the tip is not to let the water stay on it for long.

  • Visual appeal:

It is remarkable to know that you have countless choices in vinyl floor planks. As a result of the latest technique, vinyl can mimic the look of hardwood sheets, tiles, and marble floors. So yes, you can get any look you want within your price range. In addition, from gray, beige, brown, to red, you have many options in its colors and designs. 

  • Easy underfoot:

No doubt, vinyl planks are much softer than wood planks or sheets. This quality makes them comfortable to walk and stand for long. Due to its heat resistance and smooth surface, it can adapt to any environment. So, you can choose this flooring type for your kitchen area for a less exhausting cooking experience. In this way, it is suitable for homes, offices, and other commercial areas.

  • Affordable:

Are you one of those who does not want to compromise on quality but has a limited budget? Vinyl plank flooring is the right choice for you. In general, the cost of vinyl flooring is much less than that of solid wooden floors and marble tiles. Well, it might not last long as other floorings do. But, you can count on its warranty.

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List of cons:

  • It can discolor
  • Hard to repair
  • Sensitive to sharp objects
  • Not biodegradable
  • It can discolor: 

With all the good points, vinyl does come with the disadvantage of discoloration. The reason behind this is the direct exposure to sunlight. The direct light rays and heat pressure may damage its natural color and sheen. So, it is not a good option for outdoor with direct sunlight. 

  • Hard to repair:

No doubt, vinyl floor planks are easy to install, but this benefit comes with a low point. If you go for glued vinyl planks, they will be hard to remove or repair. Although, floating floors are easier to fix or remove. But, you cannot go for it any time sooner. So, rethink your choice if you can’t handle this.

  • Sensitive to sharp objects:

Sharp objects like knives or cutters are not okay for vinyl floors. First of all, it damages easily and then leaves horrible marks. Moreover, dragging heavy furniture can have severe consequences. But, you can cover minor dents and damages with area rugs.

  • Not biodegradable:

Vinyl plank flooring store mentioned that “well, another downside is that vinyl floors are not biodegradable. So, you cannot recycle or reuse them as they are difficult to discard. So, if you are critical about environmental factors, consider this point as well. “


Like any other building material, vinyl plank flooring also comes with a few downsides. Along with being water-resistant and noise-free, it may not stand the weight of your heavy furniture and direct sun rays. But, the point is that its pros are more than its cons. so, some extra care and you are good to decide on this flooring. Also, Columbus flooring city makes sure that you get the best quality vinyl floor planks and tiles to step forward. 

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